The truth about Mary Magdalene

June 18, 2007

Umm I dont know whether this is considered ‘shocking’, but it certainly is to me!

Last week the mass’ gospel was about the prostitute woman who ran into the prophet Simon’s house uninvited and washed Jesus’ feet and annointed him in oil.

Father said she was Mary Magdelene. o.0 Uber shocking!

Its because in another reading they mentioned Mary Magdelene being a follower of Jesus, and 7 demons (or something like that) was chased out of her. So Father said she was a prostitute before but now she turned straight and used all of her gained money to help Jesus in his preaching. She was pulled spiritually and invited by Jesus to the house. And she washes Jesus’ feet and annointed him and hoping he would forgive her and she did. So she turned straight and followed him.

Hmmm very interesting theory! I believe it. (or is it already a fact? Dunno)

Oh its surprising I’m listening in Church. 🙂


One comment

  1. Yo Dude! Mary Magdalene did NOT ‘turned straight’. Only gay ppl turn straight. The correct term would be “renounced her old ways” or “made peace with her past”.


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