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Edited: “When You’re Gone” Avril Lavigne (new video!)

June 8, 2007

I love this song a lot!! It’s the #2 hit single after “Girlfriend” on her new album, “The Best Damn Thing”.

Here’s the music video to the song! It’s so touching!

Enjoy! šŸ™‚


Ā (edited)


A Game Called “Chess”.

June 8, 2007

It was raining cats and dogs outside and there was thunder and lightning so naturally my mother went hysterics and shrieked, “Oi!! Boys!! Dont play computer or on the TV or the radio and dont even touch the phone!!”


So I got bored and decided to play a boardgame with my brother.

Naturally I am the black pieces, cause I like to be the bad guy. If you think black is the evil side anyway.

Even Andy came over to watch.

That’s Andy. He’s an anteater. Or I think he is. Dunno.

After many violent battles and after many years of hard war, some pieces were badly injured.

It’s two of my pawn pieces. My pity black pawns. All thanks to the anger of a brother and a certain sister.

After 5 minutes many of the good guys were going down.

Die horsey die!!

“Grrrr…” says Andy. See he’s on my side.

Oh and if you’re hungry or in doubt, eat a Krabby Patty!

Want one? šŸ™‚

After a very short ‘battle’, I won eventually. Duh. Hehe. šŸ˜€

I trapped the white king. It cant move anymore. Not:

A – The Castle is there.

B, C, DĀ – The Queen is guarding way upwards on the edge of the board.

E – My pawn will eat the king.

G – Will be suicide. My king is there.

F – Eat my pawn and get eaten by my pawn anyway.

So I win!

Checkmate! šŸ˜€