Kitchen Fun.

June 7, 2007

I’ve got to admit now the kitchen is one of my favourite places in the house. It’s a workplace + relaxing place. We have a small stretch of ‘land’ which we call the island in the kitchen. That’s where I normally eat my breakfast or do my homework or whatever. The radio is also in the kitchen, so I like to listen to music when I work. Especially when I wash the dishes, although I do on it too loud sometimes.

Thats a little something my aunt brought back from Sibu and gave to us some. Overnight the whole tin was opened unknowingly and when I opened it that ^ was the only one left. Pity me. My mother and brother sure have big stomachs. No fair I only got to eat one. I’ll make it my last…

I dunno what its called but one thing’s for sure: its yummy, crispy, delicious, scrumptious, fattening? Maybe.

Here’s some stuff from the kitchen:

Hot chocolate!! My brother loves to drink this stuff. I think its disgusting if you drink it by itself. You need to add milk into it to make it nice. Otherwise it’ll make you lose your appetite. Mine anyway. It comes in packages, like this:

Oh and if you run out of gas, call the gas man!!

Syarikat Pulau Burung. 082-688968. Hehe. It’s stuck onto my fridge. Oh there’s Tuna and Baked Beans on top! I hate baked beans. My brother loves both. And is that flour at the side? Cant see. And there’s a tin of Milo hiding at the side. Can you see it?




One comment

  1. Aiyo, boy, dun put such violent/Rated X clips lah! N Since when u like the kitchen? Hmmm… Post pics of the new bar stools(or r u still using d green plastic ones?)

    P.S. That’s fake hot chocolate. Its only a HC Drink, not the real stuff. And since u like the kitchen so much, do a little tidying up/cooking!

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