DIY Time!

June 7, 2007

So I was bored and I made some DIY stuff!! What’s DIY? Do It Yourself. My brother was creative and he took my waste and made something like this:

It’s like a chain of little people who don’t have hands and legs with their bodies linked together like Siamese twins or something, but with 9 babies.

Here’s the purple side, or purple team or whatever:

And here’s the red team/side/family/gang:

Oh and they have names too you know!! The best part is they all rhyme!

Their names are: Alley, Kelly, Belly, Smelly, Sally, Wally, Molly, Haley and Olly.

Alley, Kelly and Belly.

Smelly, Sally and Wally.

Molly, Haley and Olly.

Is it cute? I guess it is ornamental, it you put it together you get a Christmas wreath:

Haha! Anyway back to my end product. I made a ‘pretty’ flower! Its sitting on my desk now, looking at typing. It looks like this:

Nice right? Hehe. I learnt it from an Indian book. Yeah. An Indian man came in to my class 2 years ago and started making all these stuff in a very short time. We were all ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaahhh’ and in the end many rushed to buy the booklet and the paper. I didn’t. Hehe. My friend gave his to me. 🙂 It costs only RM2 anyway.

Its been in my drawer for 2 long years and I haven’t touched it since. I decided to use it. It teaches lot of stuff! Well not a lot but enough to finish all the paper given. Like:

A lamp shade!! Oh wow a lamp shade. It also can teach you how to make a:

Rangoli design!! What’s a rangoli design? I dunno. According to the booklet the end product will be like this:

Hmmm… I’m not attracted by it anyway. You can make this too:

Chained people! Oh I guess that’s where he got the idea. 🙂

Sorry for the blurry pics!



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