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Shocking Season Finale. Stephanie Dies!

June 7, 2007

This is very shocking! Stephanie, the pink haired, bubbly 8 year old girl from the popular Icelandic children TV show, Lazytown, was shot to death in this season finale.

Catch the episode HERE or watch it here:

Also, another video of Stephanie and her friends, singing ‘cooking by the book’ or watch it here:

Enjoy. 🙂


“Sanjaya’s Chokehold”

June 7, 2007

This made me laugh so hard my stomach hurts so bad!!

This song is modified. 🙂 Instead of ”Cupid’s Chokehold” its ”Sanjaya’s Chokehold”!!

And the best part is the battle between Sanjaya and Simon! Listen to the hilarious lyrics!

Download HERE

Here’s another!

“This Is Why I’m Hot” —-> “My Hair Is Why I’m Hot”

Download HERE

Guranteed to make you laugh!



Kitchen Fun.

June 7, 2007

I’ve got to admit now the kitchen is one of my favourite places in the house. It’s a workplace + relaxing place. We have a small stretch of ‘land’ which we call the island in the kitchen. That’s where I normally eat my breakfast or do my homework or whatever. The radio is also in the kitchen, so I like to listen to music when I work. Especially when I wash the dishes, although I do on it too loud sometimes.

Thats a little something my aunt brought back from Sibu and gave to us some. Overnight the whole tin was opened unknowingly and when I opened it that ^ was the only one left. Pity me. My mother and brother sure have big stomachs. No fair I only got to eat one. I’ll make it my last…

I dunno what its called but one thing’s for sure: its yummy, crispy, delicious, scrumptious, fattening? Maybe.

Here’s some stuff from the kitchen:

Hot chocolate!! My brother loves to drink this stuff. I think its disgusting if you drink it by itself. You need to add milk into it to make it nice. Otherwise it’ll make you lose your appetite. Mine anyway. It comes in packages, like this:

Oh and if you run out of gas, call the gas man!!

Syarikat Pulau Burung. 082-688968. Hehe. It’s stuck onto my fridge. Oh there’s Tuna and Baked Beans on top! I hate baked beans. My brother loves both. And is that flour at the side? Cant see. And there’s a tin of Milo hiding at the side. Can you see it?




DIY Time!

June 7, 2007

So I was bored and I made some DIY stuff!! What’s DIY? Do It Yourself. My brother was creative and he took my waste and made something like this:

It’s like a chain of little people who don’t have hands and legs with their bodies linked together like Siamese twins or something, but with 9 babies.

Here’s the purple side, or purple team or whatever:

And here’s the red team/side/family/gang:

Oh and they have names too you know!! The best part is they all rhyme!

Their names are: Alley, Kelly, Belly, Smelly, Sally, Wally, Molly, Haley and Olly.

Alley, Kelly and Belly.

Smelly, Sally and Wally.

Molly, Haley and Olly.

Is it cute? I guess it is ornamental, it you put it together you get a Christmas wreath:

Haha! Anyway back to my end product. I made a ‘pretty’ flower! Its sitting on my desk now, looking at typing. It looks like this:

Nice right? Hehe. I learnt it from an Indian book. Yeah. An Indian man came in to my class 2 years ago and started making all these stuff in a very short time. We were all ‘ooooh’ and ‘aaaahhh’ and in the end many rushed to buy the booklet and the paper. I didn’t. Hehe. My friend gave his to me. 🙂 It costs only RM2 anyway.

Its been in my drawer for 2 long years and I haven’t touched it since. I decided to use it. It teaches lot of stuff! Well not a lot but enough to finish all the paper given. Like:

A lamp shade!! Oh wow a lamp shade. It also can teach you how to make a:

Rangoli design!! What’s a rangoli design? I dunno. According to the booklet the end product will be like this:

Hmmm… I’m not attracted by it anyway. You can make this too:

Chained people! Oh I guess that’s where he got the idea. 🙂

Sorry for the blurry pics!