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Kelly Clarkson is a lessy? Lindsay and Vanessa hook up.

June 6, 2007

JJ, a famous former Hollywood publicist is a blogger now. He gets all the scoop on the celebs.

 Here’s what he wrote in his blog on May:

“A very good friend of mine, who was in the top contestants of American Idol’s Season 1, just confirmed to me Ms. Kelly Clarkson is indeed a lesbot. Her family is supportive of her lifestyle, only if she never comes out.Kelly’s record label may be upset with the way her album has turned out, but they are also furious with her threats of coming out as a lesbian.I am not surprised by the fact Kelly is gay. I got the vibe since day one of meeting her. She is a super talent and gal. Never has anyone been so nice and chill as Kelly. Hopefully her single will take off, I really like ‘Never Again.'”

o.0 Gay or not, I still will love Kelly! She’s awesome and is a great artist! 🙂

Oh and LiLo and Vanessa Minillo? Ewwww. I didnt know Lindsay liked playing with girls too. And former Miss Teen USA should be ashamed of herself! And she’s Nick Lachey’s future wife! Yuck.

“Vanessa Minnillo, is definitely not who you may think she is. I was shocked to hear from a very close friend of how close Lindsay Lohan and Minnillo were back in the day.The girls had more than a friendship going on. They actually shared a short love affair. Since pictures have surfaced I have looked into their past friendship via friends of the now Lachey/Minnillo couple.Apparently the girls share the same publicist, and so that is how they met. After taking a liking to one another, the girls began hanging out and hitting some of the same night spots together last summer.

It was on a lovely summer afternoon in 2006, that the girls got wasted and took the photos, you now see all over the world, with the two holding knives and playing around with shots and drugs nearby. Not long after the photos were taken of the two, they were also making out and fondling one another. My dear friend, close to the Lachey camp, said Nick was not so happy after viewing some of the photos of the two, in Minnillo’s possession, where they were making out and flashing one another’s boobs, along with fondling one another.

I seriously can’t think of one person Lindsay Lohan has not attempted to sleep with in Hollywood. Sick it really is. Thank GOD this girl is in rehab.”

Along with that is this disgusting photo, which I should put under ‘censored’ and will not post in public.

Here’s the picture.

Dont say I didn’t warn you! Open at your own risk.