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Elmo Tickle Toy

June 2, 2007

Ever seen an Elmo Tickle Toy?  I’ve seen one.

Uh-huh. THATS an Elmo Tickle Toy. Creepy?

Elmo’s bowing to you and saying hello.

Nah.. Elmo doesnt say hello. Or does he? Dunno.

All I know is that Elmo is trapped inside this little box when it is on display in supermarkets.

Yes. That box Elmo’s pointing to. Hey, how did you get out? Anyway, there’s all these signs saying ‘Caution’ or ‘Warning, do not open flap.’ And you know what? 100% of people seeing this are bound to open the flap. Duh. And guess what will happen?

Elmo in the box will say, “Haha! I’m getting very tickly in this box right now!” Over and over again unless you shut the flap on the box. Soon, the whole supermarket is full of Elmo’s joyful cheers and laughter. You’ll be tempted to join in the fun and open the flaps too! Uh-huh. Highly contagious.

Even Elmo can’t control himself.

There was this little boy who keeps opening all the flaps on display. There were like about 100 boxes there with an-Elmo-out-of-the-box-but-thankfully-it-doesn’t-contain-any-batteries on top of the whole stack. The whole floor was filled with the shrieks of Elmo. Grrr. It gets to you after a while. Luckily the display Elmo didnt have batteries in it, (or maybe, being played too much with until it ran out of batteries) so it couldn’t show off what it really can do.

Craving to get your hands on one?

Aha! Here’s something that will surprise you.

An Elmo tickle toy costs….



Yup!! RM219! You can buy 200 plates of noodles with that amount. Just for an Elmo toy? WISE UP!

Dont let THIS ^ face fool you.

Remember, he costs RM219.