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June 26, 2007

More stuff will be posted in due time!!

Regarding M&G, home stuff will be posted maybe this weekend, after I’ve watched “Transformers”. Muahaha.


Elmo on Rove

June 26, 2007

This has got to be the best interview ever made. Elmo is and a half years old. And has bad bad language and evil humour. Enjoy! I did. 🙂

Apparently cookie monster is on a diet.


Albums Reviews, Pt.1

June 26, 2007

I’ve downloaded (hehehe) some albums over the weeks, and some I’ve already had a long time ago.

Elliott Yamin – Elliott Yamin

Elliott Yamin still rules my world!! I’m still on the E-train! Getting third last year on American Idol didnt influece his achievements! His album is great! None of them are okay or so-so. All of them rules! Elliott banged the charts with “Wait For You”, even getting 3rd on the Billboard top 200! AI history’s best male vocalist still can kick-punch!


  1. Movin’ On
  2. Wait for You
  3. “Find a Way”
  4. “One Word”
  5. You Are the One
  6. “I’m the Man”
  7. “Train Wreck”
  8. “Free”
  9. “Alright”
  10. “Take My Breath Away”
  11. A Song for You
  12.  “Let Your Heart Lead”
  13. “I’ll Make you Dance”

Rating: * * * * *

Genre: Pop, RnB

Best tracks: “Wait For You”, “A Song For You”, “You Are The One”, “Movin On” and “Train Wreck”.

Overall: Definitely recommended. 100% guranteed.


Chris Daughtry was the second album I got! Its pretty much rock through the whole album, but some are great! Chris got #4 last year in AI (He shouldve got first, but was kicked out somehow). His albums are flying and his song “Home” is used for the AI eliminations while “Its Not Over” topped the charts numerous times, got 4th on the Billboard top 200, and “Home” got 5th.

Daughtry – Daughtry


1. “It’s Not Over”
2. “Used To”
3. “Home”
4. “Over You”
5. “Crashed”
6. “Feels Like Tonight”
7. “What I Want”
8. “Breakdown”
9. “Gone” 
10. “There And Back Again”
11. “All These Lives”
12. “What About Now”

Rating: * * * * and a half

Genre: Rock

Best tracks: “Its Not Over”, “Home”, “Crashed”, “What About Now”

Overall: Great album for rock dudes.


Kat!! One of my favs in last year’s AI, which she got 2nd. Her albums pretty nice, but some songs on the album just isnt my type. Her song “Over It” used to be my fav, but now I hear it I get tired of it. Its getting old. But her album’s done well, with “Over It” debuting at #2 on the Billboard top 200. I still cant forget her performance last year, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”, “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” were 3 of the best!

Katharine McPhee – Katharine McPhee


1. Love Story
2. Over It
3. Open Toes
4. Home
5. Not Ur Girl
6. Each Other
7. Dangerous
8. Ordinary World
9. Do What You Do
10. Better Off Alone
11. Neglected
12. Everywhere I Go

Rating: * * * *

Genre: Pop, RnB

Best Tracks: “Over It”, “Open Toes”, “Home”, “Love Story”

Overall: Recommended.


Deathly Hallows Leak

June 26, 2007

This hacker guy claimed to hack into Bloomsbury and got a digital copy of the DE. I have it! 🙂 And will read it soon! Hope its not the real one, cause spoilers ahead!!!


1. Hermione will die! She will fight for her life to save Harry and Ron. (awwww!!)

2. Hagrid will die!  Snape will eventually finish him off.


 EDIT: My copy IS NOT the one which ‘Gabriel’ (the hacker) claimed to have. Its a fic written by someone. Sorry for the excitement.  The manuscript obtained by the hacker is not posted anywhere on the internet. Again, I apologize. But what ‘Gabriel’ said and the spoilers of his version, are as above ^.

Although, many have requested for the fanfic. (NOT the one the hacker claimed to have)


(You will need Adobe Acrobat to view it)


Happy Fathers’ Day!

June 18, 2007

It’s pretty late for this but since I didnt went online yesterday I’ll say it now.

Happy Fathers’ Day!

More blogstuff when I’m not too lazy and is using the laptop. Ciao!


The truth about Mary Magdalene

June 18, 2007

Umm I dont know whether this is considered ‘shocking’, but it certainly is to me!

Last week the mass’ gospel was about the prostitute woman who ran into the prophet Simon’s house uninvited and washed Jesus’ feet and annointed him in oil.

Father said she was Mary Magdelene. o.0 Uber shocking!

Its because in another reading they mentioned Mary Magdelene being a follower of Jesus, and 7 demons (or something like that) was chased out of her. So Father said she was a prostitute before but now she turned straight and used all of her gained money to help Jesus in his preaching. She was pulled spiritually and invited by Jesus to the house. And she washes Jesus’ feet and annointed him and hoping he would forgive her and she did. So she turned straight and followed him.

Hmmm very interesting theory! I believe it. (or is it already a fact? Dunno)

Oh its surprising I’m listening in Church. 🙂


Move My LazyBum

June 16, 2007

Someone push me cause I’m too lazy to blog sometimes. I have like tons of stuff to blog about but I’m too lazy to do so so someone shout at me.

 Thanks much.