Miss Universe 2007

May 29, 2007

Yay! My insticnts were right again! Lalaa… I rock at predicting pageant winners! Muahaha… Lets see… Miss Universe 2005, 2006 and now 2007! I’m on a roll. 🙂

Miss Japan is absolutely breathless.

Congratulations to Riyo Muri on being the next Miss Universe! She’s from Japan, and is really really pretty. She’s my fav to win since the start of the show. Though I would have want my own country in the top 15, but alas they never made it before. Haha.

This year more asian countries got into the top 15. India, Korea, Japan and Thailand made up the 4 of the 15. And now they have more attention to the other countries as well, such as Angola and Tanzania,who made it too. But the old favourites still remain: Brazil, Czech Republic, Venezuela etc. I was surprised Puerto Rico or Dominican Republic didnt made it this year.

Miss Tanzania, who was bald, made it into the top 15 and even top 10! She’s making the Aficans proud.

Miss Venezuela’s eyes are really lopsided and her face is flat. Haha. But she got 3rd.

Miss Korea, Honey Lee (no one forgets a name like that) got fourth. She’s quite okay.

Miss Brazil got 2nd. She’s really really pretty.

Miss USA, Rachel Smith, got 5th. I really pity this gal. She slipped and fell while walking the runway on the nightgown show. But the judges gave her way into the top 5 anyway. Yay to her!

Miss Japan, my fav! She looked stuning in her evening gown, and only hers was creative enough. The other gowns the other contestants wore were all flat and typical. But hers was extendable and she took the end of her dress and hold it up and ruled the runway. Yay Miss Japan!

Last year my fav was Miss Japan too, but then she only got 2nd, beaten by Miss Puerto Rico, pardon me in saying this, has bulging eyes and aint pretty at all. She looks very snobby and proud. Humph.

Anyway congrats to Miss Japan! The land of the rising sun rules.


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