American Idol Finale Pt.1

May 23, 2007

WOW! I love tonight! Everything was great!
First Ryan came out and showed that they were in the Kodak theatre, not the CBS one anymore. It was huge!

They showed a clip with Ryan flipping a coin and Blake was face up. SO Blake chose himself to go first in order.

He came out with ‘You Give Love A Bad Name’, and it was just deja vu. It doesnt have that freshness. But Simon liked it, thankfully.

Jordin rocked her song with Christina Aguilera’s ‘Fighters’. Her next song, which was sung in Country week, ‘Broken Wing’ was great! She brought a freshness in it and it didnt sound like it was performed before.

Jordin looking stunning tonight.

Blake took Maroon 5’s ‘She Will Be Loved’. Blake seems to grow on Maroon 5. I think he did it fantastically. It was very smooth and nice.

Blordin showdown!

Then comes the idol songwriters challenge winner song, ‘This Is My Now’, which I voted too and it as great song! Blake sung it rather well, but Jordin nailed the song perfectly and she cried at the end. Gah. I think it’ll be a great hit for Jordin if she wins and records it.

Blake while singing ‘This Is My Now’.

I was overjoyed to see Chris R, Phil, Kiki, Melinda, Brandon, Stephanie, Chris S and the guys in the audiece!! Chril were so supporting Blake! Yay!

There’s Chris R, Phil, Mindy Doo in front, Haley at the back. Oh there’s Sanjaya! Chris S, Stephanie, Brandon and the other guys are at the other side. (not shown)

And the show ended with a clippet of Sanjaya crying (Haha!) and Chris Daughtry singing his big hit, ‘Home’. It was great!

I think that Jordin will probrably take the title this year… but Blake still has a chance!! Even if he didnt win, I think he and Chris R will sell more records.

Best of luck to Blake!
Cant wait for tomorrow!

Pretty right? I made it! Hehe!


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