Pleasures of Life 2: Guavas!

May 18, 2007

WTH? Guavas?

Yes. Guavas. 🙂 I enjoy eating them so much I decided to put them on my list.

This is a guava, for those of you who dont know what it is.

Why guava you may ask? I’ll tell you why. After you so took so much effort in peeling and cutting them (okay maybe not so much, still), you just cant resist but enjoy it.

1. Peel off the skin and cut in slices

2. Put them in a pretty bowl

3. Take a packet of somboi (asam, or whatever you want to call it) , cut it open, put in a pretty little plate, and set on table.

4. Add somboi to your guava, and put it in your mouth.

5. Say, ‘Mmmmm…’

It really is very yummy! Not to mention crunchy (well for people with hard teeth like me, the seeds are quite enjoyable to bite)

Thats why guavas are on my pleasures of life list.

♥Guavas! 🙂


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