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R.I.P Adam Cook ♥

May 4, 2009

David Cook’s brother – Adam Cook has passed away.

Cook announced the sad news yesterday, May 3rd, after he finished his 5k course in the 12th Annual Race for Hope, Washington DC. Adam Cook has been suffering from cancer, and has finally given in yesterday at 1am. Cook lost his brother to brain tumour.

All the best to David. All my prayers and wishes are with him and his family. Adam must be so proud of his brother right now. Rest in peace, Adam. ♥♥♥

We love you, David! SUPPORT DAVID COOK!!


Elliott Yamin – Fight For Love Music Video Premiere [watch]

May 3, 2009

Elliott Yamin is back with a vengeance! His music video for his first single – “Fight For Love” premiered a few days ago. And it’s brilliant.

The video is just all kinds of awesome. The female character is stunning; Elliott always manages to find drop dead gorgeous ladies for his videos. I like all the checkpoints on the way to the theater and the little message cards, those are just uber romantic. Elliott’s cheesy dance moves, sheepish grin and superb vocals just remind me why I supported him in the first place. The only that needs to go – his mullet. Hehe!

I really hope his single makes it big, so far it hasn’t made any impact yet on the radio and charts. Elliott’s sophomore album – “Fight For Love” is hitting the stores May 5th! Make sure you purchase your copy! I know I will.


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David Cook Vlogs: Declaration Tour

February 7, 2009

Not much this time, but David Cook makes sure that he’s still alive by posting another vlog.

Cook talks about his upcoming tour: The Declaration Tour (hopefully, hinting that “Declaration” will be the second single) and continues to thank his fans for the overwhelming support towards the tour. Yay!

Other Cook news (this is rather late), his debut self titled album is now platinum! Double yay! Double platinum, here we come!

Meanwhile, Matt Giraud has became my current fav on American Idol 8. Best part of it, he’s rumoured to be in the top 36! Goodbye to Emily Wynne-Hughes, who left during the brutal group rounds.

Go Cook!
Go Matt Giraud!

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David Cook Vlogs: Meet Dublin!

January 11, 2009

Mr David Cook has vlogged!! (finally.) It’s been what, around three months since his last vlog. And it really was worth the wait.

Cook wishes everyone a very happy new year while vlogging in front of his huge, new, shiny, framed platinum cover for The Time Of My Life. It looks really good hanging there. Here’s hoping he’ll get more of those when Light On and his self titled album achieves platinum status.

He introduces us to a new member of the Cook family, a super adorable puppy named Dublin. Plus, he also named a few tour dates, which oddly, doesn’t involve the much-hyped-about Philippines tour which is supposed to happen sometime this month. I don’t think that’ll happen anymore.

Meanwhile, Cook looks really exhausted. Probably tired from his breakup with Kimberly Caldwell, but for all we know, we hope that he’s okay and get well soon!

Support David Cook!

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David Archuleta – A Little Too Not Over You Music Video

December 18, 2008

I’ve finally accepted that A Little Too Not Over You was selected as the second single from David Archuleta’s music video, and the song grew on me a lot as well. Now I’m glad it was chosen. Here is the music video that premiered on Yahoo!.

I like this music video. I think it’s nice, not really great, but nice. Archie looks so much older and matured here, it shows how much he’s grown up since we first saw him in the AI auditions. The song is basically about a person who regrets mistreating his girlfriend, resulting in a breakup, and now the girl belongs to someone else, so the boy is regretting for all his actions. The video potrayed that clearly, with Archie going through the photos he took with the girl and reliving the memories. In the end, he has to decide whether to delete all the pictures, and that remains a mystery. I think he deletes them and get over her in the end. This video clearly is the better one over Crush.

What do you think of the music video? Did he delete the photos? Leave your comments!


Kristy Lee Cook – 15 Minutes Of Shame Music Video Premiere [watch]

November 5, 2008

Both the Cooks have been releasing their music videos recently. The female Cook, Kristy Lee Cook, has released the music video for her first single off her album “Why Wait”, entitled “15 Minutes Of Shame”.

I love the music video, I think it’s hilarious. The point of the song was definitely delivered across. I love how Kristy slaps her boyfriend/fiance/husband (?), and records a song and sings it live to mock him. Kristy shines brightly in the video, she looks gorgeous. As the video showed a large crowd as her audience, let’s hope Kristy’s career will continue to skyrocket to fame!

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David Cook – Light On Music Video Premiere! [watch]

November 4, 2008

Thousand of fans have been waiting like crazy last night for the premiere of David Cook’s new music video at midnight. “Light On” is the first single released from his self titled album, slated to be released on November 18th. And now we finally have the video! Whooohoooo!

Link: Here

Here’s what the video is about in my opinion. It starts with a girl and her boyfriend who visits a diner to have dinner. Instead of accompanying the girl to her seat, the boyfriend goes over to chat with his buddies and other girls. So, the girl is left alone at her table, waiting for her food. The waiter catches her eye and she smiles. Meanwhile, the girl’s friends coincidentally arrives and chats with her, while her boyfriend is still busy with his friends. Naturally, the girl gets jealous and feels that he isn’t putting much attention on her. They left after an heartless meal, the waiter looking on. In the car, the girl and her boyfriend argues and that made the girl mad, so she decides not to follow his ride home and walk home instead. Expectedly, her “light” arrives, thus the line “try to leave a light on when I’m gone, something I rely on to get home”. The waiter with his bicycle cycles up to the girl and offers a ride home. She agrees and sits on the front of his bike and they cycle away together, happily ever after.

I really really like the music video, I like videos that shows a story behind a song. Cook looks amazing in the video, I love the background highlights shining on their backs, creating silhouttes and shadows. Very very cool. And I also love this part “when the wires cross in my brain, you’ll start my heart again” and Cook points to his head. Hehe! That was adorable. Plus, the band and their interaction with everything was incredible.

Overall this is a great video and hopefully it’ll help relauch single sales for Cook. But what do YOU think of the video? Cheers or jeers?

Watch out world, Cook is here!

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David Cook Update: Thank You!

October 2, 2008

Another new and “very official” vlog from David Cook!

Cook wants to thank us fans for a few things:

  • Supporting his new single, Light On
  • Supporting the site, DCO
  • Pushing the Web Nerds harder; and my favourite:
  • Crashing his official website. XD

It still amazes me that he pops out at the start of the video. Hehe!

Also, on a side note, David Archuleta will be acting in hit Nickelodeon show, iCarly! He’ll be acting as… Himself. Haha! The episode will air next year. Can’t wait for that!

Support David Cook!
Support David Archuleta!
Support Light On!
Support Crush!


Jordin Sparks – “Tattoo” UK Re-released Music Video [watch]

September 16, 2008

Jive has decided to re-released Jordin Sparks’ hit single “Tattoo” in the UK since it failed to make an impact there while her second single “No Air” garnered huge success. Jordin has released a new music video for the song to be promoted in the UK. The video isn’t any better than the US version, but it is slightly better. Jordin looks stunning as usual and the computer graphics is beautiful. I still don’t think this will help the single to sell any better, but good luck to Jordin!

Enjoy! What do you think? Leave comments!


David Archuleta – “Crush” Music Video! [watch][HQ download]

September 8, 2008

David Archuleta’s music video, supposed to be officially released on September 15, has been leaked! Here is the official music video for his first single, “Crush“:

I love this video! Everything about it spells young, hip, pop and fluff. I like that Archie wasn’t forced into doing something that is uncomfortable for him, such as hugging or kissing, so it made things more sincere and beautiful. Nothing about this video is awkward at all. Nice video debut for a 17 year old! Go Archie!

What do you think? Leave comments!

ETA: New video posted!

ETA2: Click here to download the HQ version of the music video! If that doesn’t work, try this Sendspace link. Credits goes to [info]etiam_exspecto from Livejournal.


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