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Half Blood Prince Screening Movie Leak!

September 7, 2008

Warner Bros did a movie screening for a few lucky audiences who got to watch the unfinished movie yesterday. The lucky person kindly leaked some details out online!

This is from the Leaky Cauldron:


Today I got to see the test screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. It took place in Chicago at the AMC River East. It was a secret screening, no one in the audience was supposed to know before hand what they were seeing. I was one of only a small handful who already knew what we would be seeing, but I was sworn to secrecy. It was truly the hardest secret I ever had to keep.

It was not entirely complete, however aside from a few blue screens in the background, and one or two special effects missing, it was barely noticeable.

I am a huge fan of Ginny and Harry so I will start with them. There is a lot more Ginny than ever before. She nearly equaled Ron for screen time. We first see her at the Burrow when Harry arrives outside and the first thing he sees is her reading through the window. Harry Just stands there for a moment, gazing up at her. Although she is dating Dean Thomas she never looks happy with him, except when she is snogging him at The Three Broomsticks. She was on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. But the only game we saw was from the Felix Felicis chapter when Ron believes Harry has slipped him the potion. During Christmas at the Burrow, Ginny and Harry wind up on the stairs alone and start to lean into each other to kiss, when the attack on the Burrow interrupts them.

The Burrow does not burn down, but it is surrounded by a ring of fire conjured by Bellatrix. Harry, seeing Bellatrix, runs after her, and Ginny runs after him, right into Greyback. But Harry comes to the rescue and the two of them stand in a very high growing cornfield fending off attacks from the deatheaters. Lupin and Tonks come to the rescue, but that is I believe the last we see of them. There is no Tonks and Lupin relationship and although Tonks’ hair is brown there is no notice taken or any explanation given.

Tom Felton did a fantastic job in this film. Draco character remains true to the book, he even stamps on Harry’s nose. But, sadly, we never get the pleasure of seeing Crabb and Goyle disguised as girls. In fact, they are hardly in this movie. The Sectum Sempra scene was really good, even without moaning Myrtle. As Harry and Draco throw spells at each other poor Nigel sits frozen on one of the toilets. Snape runs in shortly and McGonagall is in the doorway after Harry cast the spell (Draco never yells Crucio) and he does do a cure his wounds with a spell that sounds almost like song. But he does not use legillimency on Harry, who runs straight out of the bathroom to McGonagall. In the next scene Hermione and Ginny band together and tell Harry to hide the potions book so not even Harry can find it. Ginny takes Harry to the room of Requirement, and makes him close his eyes while she hides the book. Then she kisses him briefly. By the time he opens his eyes she has vanished.

There was definitely tension between Ron and Hermione. In the very beginning at the Burrow, Ron cleans off a bit of toothpaste from Hermione’s cheek. Later in Slughorn’s class she describes what she smells in the love potion and trails off with “spearmint toothpaste…” Lavender is quite nauseating and although she never gives Ron a necklace she does something equally as vomit worthy, steaming up a window on the Hogwarts Express with her breath and drawing a heart with “R + L” inside it. His relationship ends when he is unconscious and moaning Hermione’s name after being poisoned. He remains confused about why it ended but very relieved.

The kid who played young Tom Riddle was Brilliant. His voice and demeanor raised the hairs on the back of my neck. There is no mention of the Gaunts, but the scene in Slughorn’s office is there. Dumbledore however is truly surprised to learn that Riddle made 7 Horcruxes. It is in that scene that he realizes the ring is a Horcrux. He realizes what it was because when harry handles it briefly he moved his head like Voldemort.

We do get to hear Hagrid and Slughorn singing about Odo the Hero, and Harry is funny and a few lines where true to the book while under the influence of Felix Felicis. There is no Professor Trelawney, or the Dursleys. No Kreacher (no mention of inheriting Grimmauld Place whatsoever) or Dobby, or Bill and Fleur. There are no scenes with the Minister of Magic, and I don’t believe they even mentioned Fudge was sacked (though I may have missed it).

Oh and most sadly of all, no description from Luna about the dangers of the Rotfang Conspiracy. Nor does she commentate the Quidditch match. Luna’s role was very small, but she does have the lion hat and she is the one to find Harry on the train under the invisibility cloak with the help of her spectrespecs.

Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes was awesome!!! I only wish it were a real store. Unfortunately no U-No-Poo sign, but it was still a sight to see.

The scene with Harry and Snape at the end was the least finished of the movie; the background was mostly screens and lights and occasionally a sound persons head. It was very close to the book, though I thought Snape could have been stronger and angrier, when Harry called him a coward. His some of his last words to Harry are “You may have your mother’s eyes but you are as dim as your father!”

As a huge fan of the books I have found myself getting more and more disappointed by all the changes in the movies and especially in Michael Gambon’s portrayal of Dumbledore who is my favorite character. That being said I was really pleasantly surprised by this movie. Many of the changes were actually entertaining and Gambon has improved enough to be tolerable. It was so much better than Order of the Phoenix. Overall I really enjoyed this movie and can not wait to see it again.


Now everyone is going to be more pissed cause Warner Bros did the screening so much earlier than the postponed date. Ha, rub it in.

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Leaked Script From Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince!

August 29, 2008

It’s payback time for the millions of us who still have to wait another seven months for the new HBP movie. And someone was kind enough to leak the actual script used in the movie! Read to your absolute pleasure, comment, critique, and remember to tell your friends!! That’ll get to WB for postponing the movie.


Here is some of the Quidditch scene.

C’mon, Harry. We’ve got a game to



Instantly, Slytherin snatches the Quaffle and rushes en
masse toward Gryffindor’s end, weaving and passing with
wicked skill, culminating in a vicious, slicing shot on
goal. Just when it appears it will clear the hoop, Ron
streaks out of nowhere and sends the Quaffle screaming in
the opposite direction. Ginny pauses on her broom, stunned.

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Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Postponed

August 15, 2008

harry and hermioneNo way!!

“Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince”, which was slated to be released in November this year, has been postponed to July, 2009.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this is because:

Warners president Alan Horn blamed last winter’s 100-day WGA strike in large part for the shift, suggesting all the major studios have been hurt in the development of new tentpole films for next summer.

“We are still feeling the repercussions of the writers strike, which impacted the readiness of scripts for other films — changing the competitive landscape for 2009 and offering new windows of opportunity that we wanted to take advantage of,” Horn said. “We agreed the best strategy was to move ‘Half-Blood Prince’ to July, where it perfectly fills the gap for a major tentpole release for midsummer.”

Urgh. This will surely piss off a lot of people. Now we have to wait for another seven months for the movie.

Let’s just hope the movie will be up to people expectations.


Happy Birthday – Harry Potter & J.K.Rowling!

July 31, 2008

Potter mania is definitely back as the 6th movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is inching closer. It’s July 31st, so let’s say a very happy birthday to both the amazing creator of the series, J.K.Rowling and the main character himself!

Harry Potter banner

J K Rowling

Can’t wait for the HBP movie! Happy birthday Jo and Harry!


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailer [watch]

July 30, 2008

Sweet! The official trailer is out! This trailer is quite different from trailers of previous movies. It focuses on Voldemort, particularly Tom Riddle as a child, rather than the usual Harry, Hermione and Ron. It features Dumbledore showing Harry the memory of him visiting Tom Riddle in the orphanage through the pensieve. In the memory, Tom Riddle sounds like a demanding kid, and I’ve got to say he’s good at acting. Although I still rather prefer Richard Harris as Dumbledore, not Michael Gambon…

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince hits cinemas November 21, 2008. Can’t wait!! Let’s hope that the 6th installment will be much better than the below-standards fifth.

h1 – Weasley Family Tree!

December 31, 2007

The secret door in Harry Potter author, J.K.Rowling’s official site, or better known as the Room of Requirement has opened again!

This time it has no tricks whatsoever. Just click on the doorknob to swing open the door.

On her desk, there’s a piece of paper with the Dark Mark sign on it, which means ‘spoilers ahead’!


Click on the paper, and it will show up.

The Weasley family tree is shown on the paper, clearly written and illustrated by JKR.

The family tree starts with Molly and Arthur Weasley, who got married and gave birth to 7 kids.

The oldest of the seven, Bill, married Fleur Delacour during the times of Deathly Hallows and gave birth to 3 kids, Victoire, Dominique and Louis.

Charlie, the second son, is still a bachelor, unmarried. Possibly Dumbledore the second…? One only can wonder. :)

The rebellious third son, Percy married a girl named Audrey and had 2 kids, Molly and Lucy. Molly is most likely named after his mother.

The twins, Fred and George were the 4th and 5th sons. Fred died in a battle in Deathly Hallows. George who survived the war but lost an ear, married Angelina Johnson, a former Gryffindor Quidditch player, and had kids named Fred (after his twin brother) and Roxanne.

One of the series’ main character, Ron, naturally tied the knot with best friend and lover Hermione Granger, and had kids Rose and Hugo, who were mentioned in Deathly Hallows.

The youngest and only girl, Ginny married the main character Harry Potter, and had 3 kids, James Sirius (after Harry’s father, James & godfather, Sirius Black), Albus Severus (after the heroes Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape) and Lily Luna (after Harry’s mother, Lily Evans and one of Harry’s close friends, Luna Lovegood).

Draco Malfoy was also in the picture, he married Asteria Greengrass, sister to Daphne Greengrass, who was mentioned briefly in the first book, Philosopher’s Stone. They had a son named Scorpius Hyperion, who was also shown in Deathly Hallows.

Luna Lovegood is in the diagram as well. She married Rolf Scamander, who was the grandson of Newt Scamander, and had 2 kids, Lorcan and Lysander.

I like that JK cleared all these for us. It really is nice to see them all with kids. :) I still ship Harry/Hermione though. XD

(All links lead to HP Lexicon, the best and most complete HP resource site there is)

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James Potter and the Hall of Elder’s Crossing?

November 12, 2007

Relax… No it’s not another Harry Potter book. And no it’s not going to be Book 8 either. (*sigh*)

Some people have created a website entitled Elder’s Crossing, with the headlines ‘James Potter and the Hall of Elder’s Crossing’. It may be an upcoming book which these people are going to write or just some joke.
According to the countdown clock on the site, the book (?) will be launched 18 days from today, maybe around November 30th.

elder's crossing

The site is cool and very creative. There is a Peruvian bean at the bottom of the page. Click on it to get the password.

Go to the seeker and enter the password. The first password is genisolaris.

Then a book will open which talks on Peruvian Ballistic Beans and Underage Flight Regulations. The second password is located at the last page. It’s corsica.

Go to the snitch and type in the password.

After that there’ll be fireworks in you face, (literally) with some animations, which shows Voldemort being burned in hell and kicked by Hades.


It also states that the site has nothing to do with J.K.Rowling or Warner Brothers, and that the site will be deleted if the lawyers wish them to.

Jo and Warner have both denied having connections to this site.

Dunno what that’s all about, but let’s just wait and see!

Elder’s Crossing:


Harry Potter’s Grave!

November 9, 2007

What a coincidence. A grave home to a guy named Harry Potter was found in Yorkshire. o.0 He died at the age of 29 on the year 1919. That’s so long ago!

And amazingly enough, the son of Mr Potter here is named James, which is also Harry’s (the fictional character) son’s name.

And more amazing, the vicar of the church has the surname Rowling, and the author of the Harry Potter series is J.K. Rowling. Wow.

harry potter grave

Wow. That’s what I call creepy.

From Yorkshire’s Evening Post:

HERE’S a Halloween night revelation guaranteed to send a shiver down the spine.
A Yorkshire cemetery, it has emerged, is home to the grave of HARRY POTTER.

But fans of JK Rowling’s schoolboy wizard can be assured the evil Lord Voldemort hasn’t dealt their hero a fatal blow.

The Harry Potter buried at St Lawrence’s Church, in Carlton Miniott, near Thirsk, in North Yorkshire, died in 1919 aged 29. His last resting place lay hidden underneath overgrown bushes and creeping ivy until the plants were removed during a clean-up.

And the workers responsible then learned, to their amazement, that the vicar for Carlton Miniott has the surname ROWLING.

The churchman in question is the Reverend Richard Rowling – but that’s where the spooky coincidences end.
He is no relation to the woman who penned the famous tales about Harry.

The tombstone’s discovery has still sparked great interest in Carlton Miniott, however.

Parochial church councillor Robert Sidgwick’s grandchildren are devoted fans of the Potter books.

He said they were fascinated and “very excited” when he told them about the find.

The gardeners who uncovered the grave were carrying out community service work.

Mr Sidgwick said: “Villagers have noticed a great deal of work has been done and it is certainly much appreciated.”

He went on: “We contacted the Probation Service for help back in the summer.

“We were having trouble keeping the churchyard tidy because we had a small working team.

“The older part (of the site] needed lots of tender, loving care.”

I can’t stop wow-ing. It’s just so much of a coincidence.


What do you think?


Vote For J.K.Rowling for TIME magazine’s ‘Person Of The Year’!

November 9, 2007

Remember to vote for J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series as the ‘Person Of The Year’ by TIME magazine!

Go here to vote! (follow the link)

j k rowling

Here’s what TIME has to say about Jo:

Pro: Finished a seven-book epic that will be read by children (and lots of adults) for generations to come. Slowly creeping up on Agatha Christie as the most read author not named Shakespeare.

Con: Seventh book wasn’t her best, and hard to argue she was the most important person of 2007.

Deathly Hallows wasn’t her best? Yeah right. It IS the best.

She’s currently in the lead by 7,000 votes. Behind her are people like Al Gore and Hillary Clinton.

Although the editors of magazine do have the authority to change the standings… And IF they do, the voting process will be very much pointless.



Dumbledore Is Gay!

October 20, 2007

J.K.Rowling answered questions during her book reading session in New York. Some interesting questions popped up!


Jo departed from previous readings and read from chapter 19 and started after a Horcrux was destroyed and Ron returned to Harry and Hermione. During her reading Jo took on the voices of each of the characters making sure that Hermione’s anger at Ron was projected to the audience. At one point Jo lost her composure when she read the line “No, I heard you coming out of my pocket.” which she did not finish, as the audience broke out in laughter followed by Jo laughing along with us.Below is a summary of the questions and answers from tonight’s event (paraphrased):

She was surprised that no one had ever asked her what Dumbledore’s wand was made of. If ever asked this question she would have simply said “It’s made of Elder” and left it at that.

In answering a question about Neville and finding love, Jo said that he married the landlady from the Leaky Cauldron which happened to be Hannah Abbott, and that living above the Leaky Cauldron would have impressed his students at Hogwarts.

When asked why she chose Molly to kill Bellatrix she replied that she wanted to 1) show that Molly was an extremely talented witch even though she spent most of her time in the kitchen, and 2) she wanted to compare the obsession Bellatrix had with Voldemort with Molly’s maternal love for her children.

The next question referred to what would have occurred if Arthur had died in Order of the Phoenix. Jo said that it would have changed books 5, 6 and 7 and that Ron’s character would have lost his sense of humor and taken away Harry’s refuge at the Weasley home. She also mentioned that Ron’s humor stemmed from insecurities and immaturity and that he was the last to become an adult, by facing his fears in the last book.

When eight-year-old Mia asked an Aberforth question, Jo asked her age and said that just for her the answer would be “that the goats were easy to keep clean and that they had curly horns,” as the audience roared with laughter.

Now for the question that stunned the audience – Did Dumbledore love anyone? Jo started to say “I always saw Dumbledore as gay” as a hush fell on the audience followed by a excited response by all in attendance. She went on to say that she had recently read the script for Half-Blood Prince and noticed a passage in which Dumbledore recalled a past female love – she immediately crossed out the passage and added the words “Dumbledore is gay” in the margin.

When asked about parseltongue, Jo answered that Ron had mastered one sound but it wouldn’t be a language someone could learn.

What was in Dumbledore’s letter to the Dursley’s in book 1 was the next question and Jo responded by saying that Petunia had wanted to go to Hogwarts and by taking in Harry she was taking in a part of the world that she never participate in.

Then next question is one that many fans have answered themselves in reference to the Basilisk and why did it not kill Voldemort’s soul in Harry. Rowling stated that Harry was not destroyed beyond repair because Fawkes was around to heal him but later was conveniently absent when other Horcruxes were destroyed.

Jo replied that Harry did not consult with Dumbledore’s portrait for 3 reasons: 1)The portrait was not available as it was at Hogwarts, 2) Dumbledore didn’t want to tempt Harry with the Hallows but wanted him to learn of them slowly due to Harry’s flaws and 3) it was too easy and there wouldn’t be a plot.

When asked to confirm that the Death Eaters were based on the Nazis, Jo answered by saying that it was a conscience decision, people will die and that you shouldn’t believe what your government or newspapers tell you.

When Jo reminisced about completing the first versus the last book she said that it was very similar and that her husband, who was in attendance, hated her for a few weeks because she was unbearable to live with.

After Jo had answered the initial 12 questions a spokesperson from Scholastic revealed that 4 additional questions would be asked by sweepstakes winners from the audience. First up asked if Malfoy now owed Harry a life-debt and Jo stated that there was no magical ties between the two but that Malfoy had to be forever grateful to Harry for saving his life, which is evident in the last chapter in book seven when meet at platform 9¾.

Donna, from the very top of Carnegie Hall was next in line and after sprinting down the stairwell she breathlessly asked “What was the careers after graduation of James, Lily, Sirius and Lupin?” Jo said Lupin was unemployable and impoverished because of his condition and that James, Lily and Sirius were employed full-time in the Order of the Phoenix (James was rich and that’s how they lived.)

When asked did Hagrid ever find love, the audience sighed and Jo responded that she should probably change her answer but that, no, he never did.

The last question of the night referred to Snape’s portrait and Harry and she answered that Harry would have insisted that it be hung in the headmaster’s office at Hogwarts but that he probably would not have visited it to converse with Snape. Jo is still surprised when she reads that fans are torn about Snape and unequivocally stated that Snape was “bitter, vindictive and mean.”

Ha! I suspected Dumbledore was gay. And I’m right! The first gay in a whole STRAIGHT series. XD Pity Hagrid.. Alone forever. I was hoping he’d marry Olympe. Neville x Hannah just sounds too random. Hmm. Dont quite like it. Another great QA session!


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