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American Idol 8 – Top 2 – Finale! Results [review]

May 21, 2009

Bummer that I couldn’t watch the live showcast, so I had to settle with watching the encore, around ten hours later, so this came in late. Sorry guys!

Say hello to the newest American Idol, KRIS ALLEN!! Kris was crowned the winner in the Nokia Theater today. This year, a total of 624 million votes were cast! For the finale alone, near 100 million votes came in! All I can say is: WOW. That’s a few million more than what the Davids garnered in last year! Apparently AT & T announced that 38 million votes came in from Kris’ hometown state, Arkansas. Wow, those people must be voting hardcore. I wonder how sore their thumbs are.


I am very very content with this year’s results. Kris Allen thoroughly deserves to win. He worked his way from the bottom of the pack to the top and emerged as the winner. The dark horse has taken the title. All hail Kris Allen! Adam Lambert should be proud of himself as well, landing in first runner up isn’t bad! Hopefully both of them will succeed in the future!

Now to the recap stuff!

SPOTTED IN THE CROWD! Supermodel Janice Dickinson! Doing lots of cam-whoring. Hehe! Season 7’s Michael Johns! Season 1’s Justin Guarini! David Cook sitting in front of Tatiana Del Toro! Season 4’s Carrie Underwood & Bo Bice! Season 2’s Rubben Studdard! Carly Smithson was out in San Diego shouting with Adam Lambert’s crowd, Mikalah Gordon was in Conway hanging out with Kris’ homies!

The show started with the Top 13 group number, “So What”. Despite it being the finale, it was still awful. Hehe. Really to nice to see them all again though,  they were literally bouncing around the stage, especially Allison.

Season 7’s own David Cook performed one of his best songs off his self titled album, “Permanent”, which was dedicated to his late brother. It was an AMAZING performance, actually the best of the whole two hours in my opinion. The piano was very eerie, and Cook sang beautifully. SUPPORT! GO AND BUY THE SONG! Fight cancer!! ♥

Golden Idol Awards! OUTSTANDING MALE went to Nick Mitchell aka Normund Gentle. I love Nick! His persona(s) is so hilarious. Well deserved.  “Chain me up!” XD BEST ATTITUDE went to Bikini Girl aka Katrina Darrell. Wow she actually wore her bikini again! Her body is slamming hot. Kara DioGuradi did a singing showdown and showed her own HOT BOD! Droolfest, guys! The Queen herself, Tatiana Del Toro won the award for OUTSTANDING FEMALE. OMG “Saving All My Love For You” x4!! I love Tatiana! She is an DAMN GOOD VOCALIST! XD

Lil Rounds did a duet with Queen Latifah. It was a  tad bit too noisy for my taste. If only she pulled off a performance like this on the show, she would’ve gone furthur. Divas looked great!

Anoop Desai and Alexis Grace sang “I’m Yours” along with Jason Mraz. The rest of the top 13 came in later. It was clumsy and kind of pointless to be honest. Jason Mraz looked great! Love the beard! Shave YOURS, Anoop.

Kris Allen duetted with country superstar Keith Urban! Keith was rocking his electric guitar while Kris strummed his acoustic one. I liked it, they sounded really good together. Kris looked starstruck. Hehe.

The Glamorous! G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S! The girls from the top 13 sang with Fergie. Later, the latter performed “Boom Boom Pow” with the Black Eyed Peas. It was a very pow-worthy performance! The choreography was amazing. Megan Joy Corkrey looked HAWT.

Allison Iraheta then performed “Time After Time” with Cyndi Lauper. Wasn’t too crazy over it.

The moment Danny Gokey opened his mouth to sing “Hello”, I felt a sudden urge to punch him in the face. Weird huh. David Cook totally owns that song. He’ll be getting a lot more hate from Cook fans. Thank goodness. Lionel Richie came out later to perform some of his hits. Paula was dancing her butt off.

Adam Lambert wore a ridiculous costume. Was it supposed to be an armor? Hmmm. He started his performance slow and soft, but then rocked along with the band KISS. Very very nice, lots of theatrical stuff with the lights and the fireworks and flames. It totally looked like a real concert. This is what Adam should be doing Post-Idol.

Guitar legend Carlos Santana jammed on his guitar. Good stuff. Matt Giraud then sang a few lines gorgeously. I wonder how many hats Matt changed for the finale. Matt in a hat! The Idols then came out to sing “Smooth”. Love love love that song. Kind of wished that Matt had Santana all to himself though.

ZOMG David Cook presented new Ford Hybrids to Adam and Kris. Gimme a car Cook! Or at least take me for a ride!

Comedian Steve Martin and his banjo band were playing, while Megan Joy Corkrey and Michael Sarver sang. It was very nice. I totally had no idea  that Steve Martin was into music. Kudos! STEVE FTW!

Rod Steward then sang after the top 13 guys. Snoozefest much?

Queen, Kris & Adam and the Top 13 brought down the house with “We Are The Champions”. Great way to close the show!

And the results are in! KRIS ALLEN TRIUMPHED!! Totally unexpected right? NOT! Kris was totally speechless and was gibbering gibberish. He was so shocked that he could barely move properly. Poor guy.

Kris sang his last song on Idol, the coronation song, “No Boundaries”.


And he finally broke into tears when his wife, Katy, rushed over to hug him. One word: Awwwwwwwww! ♥

Best of luck to all the Idols in their future careers. What a heck of a season this season has been.

It was nice for you guys to stay around the site and continue supporting! Hopefully you still will continue to support the site! Without you guys, I wouldn’t be able to function. Love you guys! *sniff*

What do you think of the finale? Happy with the results? Wanna rant? Leave comments!

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R.I.P Adam Cook ♥

May 4, 2009

David Cook’s brother – Adam Cook has passed away.

Cook announced the sad news yesterday, May 3rd, after he finished his 5k course in the 12th Annual Race for Hope, Washington DC. Adam Cook has been suffering from cancer, and has finally given in yesterday at 1am. Cook lost his brother to brain tumour.

All the best to David. All my prayers and wishes are with him and his family. Adam must be so proud of his brother right now. Rest in peace, Adam. ♥♥♥

We love you, David! SUPPORT DAVID COOK!!


-MDOC-‘s Wordle!

February 22, 2009

Wordle has became somewhat of an overnight sensation during the past  few months. It’s basically a creative website that puts together a jumble of words from your blog, your website or any rubbish that you type in and creates them into a piece of art. It’s really colourful and fun.

Here’s the Wordle for - MDOC - !


Bigger version here. Glad Wordle decided to feature Cook in the spotlight. :)


David Cook’s Second Single – Come Back To Me/Bar-Ba-Sol

February 20, 2009

David Cook has kept us waiting for a looooong time. Finally, the decision has been made! Come Back To Me will serve as the second single off his post-Idol, self-titled debut album.

david cook

Honestly, I’m disappointed, but not surprised at all. Come Back To Me has been one of the front-running candidates to be the second single, other than Declaration, Lie and Life On The Moon. Frankly, I think that Declaration, the first track of the album, would do wonders as the second single (it should’ve been released as first single!!). It has single potential written all over it. Besides, Cook has been performing the song in almost every one of his live shows.

Lie might even do well too, it’s one of the most popular songs on the album. Although it isn’t very upbeat and catchy, the slow rhythm and the beautiful lyrics might catch the hearts of many. Life On The Moon is one of those songs which will do great in mainstream music. Even Bar-ba-sol, one of the most talked about track on the album, might even generate success on the rock charts.

I don’t hate Come Back To Me, in fact, I love it, but it just isn’t right as a single. Of all the amazing songs on the amazing album, they HAD to choose the only TWO songs (other than TOML) that are NOT written by David Cook himself, to be released as singles. Its madness I tell you. No David = No success. Correct?

CBTM sounds similar to Light On, and I think it’s safe to say that the first single was kind of a flop, albeit reaching gold status, while the Magic Rainbow, The Time Of My Life is still enjoying huge success. Maybe we need more cheesy lyrics…?

That being said, the label should just release ALL his songs as singles. Everyone would be happy then. Hehe. I hope I’m proven wrong. Time will tell.

UPDATE!! Bar-Ba-Sol will be released alongside Come Back To Me! That made me a lot happier. This dual release will promise more success. BBS will be impacting the rock charts while CBTM will stay on mainstream music.

Support BAR-BA-SOL!!

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David Cook Vlogs: Declaration Tour

February 7, 2009

Not much this time, but David Cook makes sure that he’s still alive by posting another vlog.

Cook talks about his upcoming tour: The Declaration Tour (hopefully, hinting that “Declaration” will be the second single) and continues to thank his fans for the overwhelming support towards the tour. Yay!

Other Cook news (this is rather late), his debut self titled album is now platinum! Double yay! Double platinum, here we come!

Meanwhile, Matt Giraud has became my current fav on American Idol 8. Best part of it, he’s rumoured to be in the top 36! Goodbye to Emily Wynne-Hughes, who left during the brutal group rounds.

Go Cook!
Go Matt Giraud!

What do you think? Leave comments!


American Idol 8 – Phoenix, Arizona Auditions – Favs – Emily Wynne-Hughes

January 15, 2009

American Idol Season 8 is back! Who’s not excited? The producers promised a show that will showcase less blunders and more talent, and surprisingly, they did. Watching the flashbacks of past winners and the newest American Idol, all hail David Cook, was really satisfying. Especially Cook’s video, that gave me the goosebumps. Playing “A Daily AntheM” in the video was really appropriate.

The first audition stop in Phoenix, Arizona was quite promising.

I’ll be updating the site with my favourites in each city. Arizona presented someone that particularly caught my attention: Emily Wynne Hughes.

2-phoenix Emily, 21, hails from Los Angeles. She’s the lead singer of a band called Go Betty Go, and apparantly she ditched her bandmates to audition. Hehe.

Emily sang “Barracuda” (love that song) by Heart. It was really enjoyable. I think she’s really gorgeous, she’s good looking pass all those tattoos and piercings. Her voice somewhat resembles Fergie’s and her tattoos of course reminds everyone of Carly Smithson (in an incredibly good way). And it’s great to know that she’s bad at sports and maths and school. Hehe. Watch her audition here.

I hope she goes far in the Hollywood round! She’s my absolute fav from Arizona.

In other news, Kara DioGuardi as a fourth judge was interesting to watch. She really knows her stuff, and I’m glad to see that there’s someone tough in the judging panel other than Simon. Hehe. I’d like to see them battle it out.  Kara already bared her teeth to the bikini girl (what’s her name? Don’t really care, although it was a good laugh), who knows what else she can do.

Also, David Cook’s single “Light On” has officially passed the 500,000 mark, making it achieving gold status. Hopefully it’ll hit platinum soon. The album is almost there.

Go Emily Wynne-Hughes!
Go Cook!

What do you think? Leave comments!

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David Cook Vlogs: Meet Dublin!

January 11, 2009

Mr David Cook has vlogged!! (finally.) It’s been what, around three months since his last vlog. And it really was worth the wait.

Cook wishes everyone a very happy new year while vlogging in front of his huge, new, shiny, framed platinum cover for The Time Of My Life. It looks really good hanging there. Here’s hoping he’ll get more of those when Light On and his self titled album achieves platinum status.

He introduces us to a new member of the Cook family, a super adorable puppy named Dublin. Plus, he also named a few tour dates, which oddly, doesn’t involve the much-hyped-about Philippines tour which is supposed to happen sometime this month. I don’t think that’ll happen anymore.

Meanwhile, Cook looks really exhausted. Probably tired from his breakup with Kimberly Caldwell, but for all we know, we hope that he’s okay and get well soon!

Support David Cook!

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Happy Birthday David Cook!

December 20, 2008

06Mr David Cook celebrates his 26th birthday today! Happy birthday!!

Also, to add to the celebration, Cook’s self titled album has achieved gold status! Which means that the album has sold over the 500,000 mark! That is really amazing. Cook deserves all the hype and success he’s got!

Keep rocking Cook, and a very happy birthday!


David Cook Slams Charts At #3

November 27, 2008

c1Idol winner David Cook’s eponymous debut album has proved itself worthy, landing at #3 on the Billboard charts for its debut week of release. The self titled album sold 280,000 copies, behind Beyonce’s and Nickelback’s albums, which were both released on the same day.

However, in the case of digital sales, the album landed at the #1 spot.

While Cook came in third to Beyonce’s debut at No. 1 with “I Am…Sasha Fierce” (Music World/Columbia) and Nickelback’s “Dark Horse” (Roadrunner), his album debuts at No. 1 on Top Digital Albums, giving the “American Idol” its 210th No. 1 on a Billboard chart.

Cook’s album sold more than Idol winners Jordin Sparks and Fantasia Barrino in its first week, but is behind other winners, namely Ruben Studdard, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hicks and Kelly Clarkson who are first, second, third and fourth respectively.

Here are the debut week sales of all Idol winners:

1. Ruben – “Soulful” (Dec 9, 2003) – 416,569 (# 1)
2. Carrie – “Some Hearts” (November 15, 2005) – 314,549 (# 2)
3. Taylor – “Taylor Hicks” (Dec 12, 2006) – 298,199 (# 2)
4. Kelly – “Thankful” (April 15, 2003) – 297,000 (# 1)
5. David – “David Cook” (Nov 18, 2008) – 280,000 (#3)
6. Fantasia – “Free Yourself” (November 23, 2004) – 239,389 (#8)
7. Jordin – “Jordin Sparks” (November 20, 2007) – 119,119 (#10)

Cook’s first single, “The Time Of My Life” also mirrors the albums position on the charts, for it also debuted at #3, and is still going strong. Besides hitting the platinum status, the song has also smashed another record:

David Cook’s reign on the Adult Contemporary chart with “The Time of My Life” (19/RCA) has gone into double digits, making him one of 15 solo male artists to rule this survey for 10 weeks or more since the chart began in 1961. Cook is the only male artist to have a song advance to No. 1 on the AC chart in 2008.

Meanwhile, runner up David Archuleta’s new single will be “A Little Too Not Over You”, not “Touch My Hand” as planned. Bummer.

Let’s hope Cook’s album will continue to do well in the long run, and here’s hoping that they choose a great second single to propel the album sales!

What do you think? Leave comments!

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Time Of My Life Hits Platinum!

November 20, 2008


David Cook’s power single “Time Of My Life” has finally smashed into the platinum mark from sales. The coronation song has been selling steadily since it was released when Cook won American Idol Season 7 back in May. Despite low air play, it’s been featured in many shows such as Dancing With The Stars and The Olympics. Since then it has still been going strong in sales, and finally reached it’s platinum status. TOML debuted on the Billboard charts at #3, one of the strongest first week sales since Season 2.

The Time of My Life slips 125-127 but is up 14% to 11,000, and achieves the milestone of 1 million sales!

TOML is now the highest selling coronation single in Idol history, beating Clay Aiken’s “This Is The Night” and Kelly Clarkson’s “A Moment Like This”, which are second and third respectively.

Meanwhile, Cook’s first post-Idol single, “Light On” is managing fairly well although not as successful as TOML.

David C.’s Light On is down slightly on the chart, 67-71, but climbs 17% in sales to 21,000 for a total of 247,000.

As for his self titled debut album, sales are expected to be good. The album is expected to fight with Nickelback’s “Dark Horse” for the second place spot. First place is predicted to fall to Beyonce with her new album “I Am… Sasha Fierce”. Taylor Swift might even go strong in her second week with her sophomore album “Fearless” and rob the #2 spot away.

A double dose of Beyonce and her alter ego will grab the top spot on the HITS Album Sales chart next week, as her two-CD Music World/Columbia set, I Am… Sasha Fierce, will debut at #1 with 500-550k in sales, according to those hardy retailers who still have their doors open. The real tussle will be right below that for #2, as a debuting RCA/RMG’s David Cook and Roadrunner’s Nickelback go head-to-head with this week’s chart-topper, Big Machine’s Taylor Swift, in her second week. All look to be in the 300k range, mas o menos.

Let’s hope Cook’s album will exceed expectations and bow at number one on the charts, even beating Beyonce! Hopefully “Light On” will do better when it gains airplay, and kudos to “Time Of My Life” for hitting platinum!

David Cook’s got a great year ahead of him. GET YOUR COPY OF THE ALBUM, IN STORES NOW!

What do you think? Leave comments!

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