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American Idol 7 – Top 5 [recap]

April 30, 2008

To sum it up, tonight was, as Simon would say, an utter chaos.

As usual, the top 5 sang 2 songs each, but clever Idol wanted to save time by squeezing 10 performances in an hour. Let’s do some maths! 5 x 2 = 10. 10 x 60minutes = mess. I would say this is the worst week ever in Season 7.

There were new Coke bottles/cups/mugs whatever you want to call them. I wonder what they fill them with? Coke? Simon drank a lot tonight. And was Paula on ‘coke’? I didn’t know she was psychic, she could foresee Jason’s 2nd song before he even sang. Judges + Coke = Mess!

Random note, someone’s husband has a guy crush on Ryan, and Simon is the Governor of Cowell-fornia. Okay.

Here are my rankings of the night:

5. Jason Castro

Songs: “Forever In Blue Jeans” & “September Morn”

Jason x 2 songs = mess! I think his song choice was ironically spot on. Jason wears blue jeans every week. Forever in blue jeans. Please leave in blue jeans as well. Even the judges disliked him this week. Poor Paula… I can barely watch him perform, he’s just soooo boring. Jason + performing = Zzzzzzz….

4. David Archuleta

Songs: “Sweet Caroline” & “America”

David can be the runner up in the Most Boring Idol. He just comes back week after week with the same style and the same vocals and the same thing over and over again it’s tiring. David’s old moves x 12 = Hell. Nevertheless he has screaming little girls behind him to back him up, and a pumped Randy Jackson never fail to praise his ‘singing ability’ (to put people to sleep?) Zzzzz… And what’s up with the patriotic song? Oh so he’s going for the Kristy Lee Cook route. Oh well I guess that works.

3. Brooke White

Songs: “I’m A Believer” & “I Am… I Said

Brooke’s 2nd song made up hugely for her terrible first one. “I’m A Believer” was a total mess. I loved her second performance with the piano, it was the old Brooke who sang “Let It Be” in the top 12 that we all love. The judges all loved her comeback after last week’s incident. Did anyone notice Paula’s rambling about Idol Gives Back? Uhhhhh… Brooke + Piano = awesome.

2. David Cook

Songs: “I’m Alive” & “All I Really Need Is You”

David deserves credit for coming back strong week after week. This week definitely wasn’t his strongest, but it was better than his *ahem* fellow contestants. “I’m Alive” was nice, with the guitar, and “All I Really Need Is You”, with the guitar too, was great. Brilliantly done, Cook can do no wrong. Studio version would be awesome. Cook + Emo Hair < Cook + Rocker Hair. Agreed?

1. Syesha Mercado

Songs: “Hello Again” & “Thank The Lord For The Nighttime”

What an appropriate song choice. Hello again Syesha! After being in the bottom 2 for countless goodness knows how many times, Syesha is back to prove herself Idol-worthy. Crazy finally, Syehsa got the pimped spot! Syesha sported a new, straightened (and curled at the end?) hairstyle, making her look more grown up and beautiful. “Hello Again” showed a vulnerable side of her, while her 2nd song lived up the whole place with her hand-clapping rhythm. Syesha never fails to smile even though hitting low points week after week, she is one heck of a lady. In the remaining final 5, she’s a shining star.


I’m still in my anti-Jason mood. Wait… I’m always in that mood. Silly me.

I can’t really see David A in the bottom2/3, but he really has to be there as well. Let’s see whether Idol has the guts to do so or not. Tee hee.

Brooke might be safe another week, she’s stranded in the middle. D’Cook is duh, safe. So far he’s the only one guaranteed to get a spot in the top 4.

Syesha really can’t go home. No she can’t. I hope she doesn’t. She got the pimp spot. Pimp spots are magical.

Jason got the death spot. Muahahahaha.

My bottom 3/2 predictions: Jason, Brooke (David A/Syesha)

My elimination prediction: Jason/Brooke

Save Brooke and Syesha!


Idol – Jason = better top 4.

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ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 10 – VIVA ITALIA! [watch]

April 25, 2008

CoverGirl questa settimana, ancora una volta, ha gettato un non frizzante ragazza fuori dalla finestra. Facile, ventilata, bello …? Non!

Get it? No? Oh well.

The videos: ( thanks to dodash8 )

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


  • The girls said hello to Rome, Italy!
  • They went to the coliseum.
  • Anya fell head first on her ‘first step’ in Rome! Poor gal.
  • The top 6 headed to their amazing new loft.
  • Fatima fell ill.
  • Momma Anya was tired of the other girls talking behind Fatima’s back, and sent food to Fatima’s bed.
  • They were given a tour around Italy.
  • The challenge: Impressing designer Gai Mattiolo in his dresses.
  • Challenge winner: Anya.
  • Her prize: a couture gown.
  • This week: A CoverGirl commercial for the CG Queen Collection In Italian.
  • Piersandro Buzzanea was the director, along with Jay Manuel and Brent Poer from CG.
  • Anya’s Italian was weird, but she was bubbly and approachable.
  • Katarzyna excelled her commercial with her fluent Italian, but she was flat.
  • Dominique had the weirdest Italian, but she was comical and energetic.
  • Lauren flunked with her non-CG attitude, she gave up.
  • Fatima was named best of the day.
  • Whitney had problems with her over the top performance.
  • The judging room was gorgeous.
  • Tyra changed her hairstyle, finally.
  • Fatima got rave reviews.
  • Whitney was criticized for being fake.
  • Anya fell flat, but it was lovable.
  • Dominique’s was hilarious, it cracked the whole panel up.
  • Lauren was scolded for giving up.
  • Katarzyna wanted to show more personality by correcting Tyra on her name’s pronunciation.
  • She aced her commercial.
  • Tyra didn’t like the end, she thought it was sexy boring. Paulina and Buzzanea disagreed, saying she was awesome.


  1. Fatima
  2. Katarzyna
  3. Anya
  4. Dominique

Bottom 2: Whitney and Lauren.

Whitney was there for her fakeness, which has irritated the panel for many times. Lauren was there for not being CG material and not trying hard enough, cause a top model also needs to speak regardless having a great portfolio.

Eliminated: Lauren was cut from the scene.



The only people I see in the final 3 now is Anya and Fatima. Anya is locked in the finals for sure. No doubt. Fatima is picking herself up and has impressed the judges.

I LOVE Katarzyna for smacking Tyra in the face. Well, not really smacking. Great job at correcting Tyra! Poor Tyra. Not! Tyra got so fed up of her she even ordered (!) the other girls to mimic Kata’s commercial. Urgh. I’m disgusted. Take that, Tyra! Kata needs a first call out!

It’s definitely Lauren’s time to go as well, she can’t survive that long. Even if she makes it to the top 3, she’ll get cut as well for not being a CoverGirl. And even if she makes it to the finale, she can’t walk the runway with that horrible walk. Sorry, Lauren.

Whitney, close your mouth! She’s so fake in the commercial. And anyone notice that Whitney has the most confessionals? It’s about 20+ per episode every week. I’m glad Kata got some too.

Anya was so sweet to help Fatima. She definitely gained a huge amount of fans these weeks.

Kata and Anya final 2 please. Katanya rocks!


CoverGirl of the Week:

Anya! Finally. The Anya Koperations are sure rejoicing right now. Although I felt Kata deserved to get it, since she had a much better commercial.


Next Episode:

Tyra is the photographer, where the girls pose in over-the-top hair and makeup. And the girls meet some gladiators!

Spoilers: None for now.

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American Idol 7 – Top 6 – Studio Recordings [download]

April 24, 2008

Andrew Lloyd Webber lead the Idols into Broadway music… Or rather to their death.

- American Idol 7 – Top 6 Studio Recordings -

Andrew Lloyd Webber Week

Track List:

  1. Syesha Mercado – “One Rock ‘n’ Roll Too Many”
  2. Jason Castro – “Memory”
  3. Brooke White – “You Must Love Me”
  4. David Archuleta – “Think Of Me”
  5. Carly Smithson – “Jesus Christ Superstar”
  6. David Cook – “The Music Of The Night”

Best tracks of the bunch, the bottom 2’s. Carly’s is just simply amazing as she was on stage. So isĀ  Syesha’s.

David Cook’s track is nice as well, but for those who are not into Broadway, it sounds like a lullaby. David Archuleta’s is good too, but forgettable.

Brooke and Jason just have okay tracks. Especially Jason’s, but it does sound better than his take live.

Overall Carly’s and Syesha’s are the only tracks worth listening to.

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American Idol 7 – Top 6 Results – Goodbye Carly Smithson [recap]

April 24, 2008

Shocking? Not really. Expected? I guess. Carly was eliminated. Okay.

As any other season, the group was divided into 3 groups of 2. The first group were the Davids. Honestly, if someone who have never watched this show before accidentally switched to watch American Idol would think that a father, David Sr was leading his son, David Jr out onto the stage. They were both, expectedly, safe.

The next duo was Syesha and Brooke. Syesha looked happy to be there and was confident that she would advance to the next round. But poor Syesha was reduced to tears when Ryan announced that she would be heading to the stools for another week, and Brooke was given the pass to the sofas.

Last were Carly and Jason, and I had my fingers crossed that Jason would be in the bottom 2. Alas, Carly was asked to join Syesha, and Jason who looked so selfishly happy for himself, headed to the couch.

Despite being the strongest 2 performances of the night, the top 2 were the bottom 2. After singing a reprise of their songs, Carly was announced to head back home. A dumbfounded Syesha was shocked, I think it’s unfair that you keep scaring the girl week after week but still keeping her in the game, it must be tearing her apart. Even though being in the bottom 2, Carly and Syesha, roommates, both looked immensely happy, they should be, for their performances were stellar. Momma Carly was given the boot, and as Simon said, she can hold her head up high and leave. Go Carly!

Meanwhile, Jason looked lost in his own world… I don’t think he was aware of anything going around him. I think I should start an anti-Jason campaign. He should not be there at all. Little girls please stop voting for Jason. You DO NOT want someone dreamy to win. Imagine Ryan announcing him winning and all Jason can reply is, “huh.”

Simon’s number one girl, Leona Lewis hit the stage and take on her chart topping number one hit, “Bleeding Love“. Man I can’t get enough of this girl. She sang superbly and looked amazing. Fire was even arranged to shoot out behind her while she sang, probably arranged by Simon to boost her performance. Go Leona!

And the random stuff. Ryan kissed Simon. Seriously. On the head I mean. Okay. President Bush and his wife made a cameo, thanking the people of American for donating money. Okay. Idol Gives Back raised a total of $65million this year, less than last year’s. Hmmm. Neil Diamond is mentoring the top 5. Alright.

In a nutshell, it was probably the most cheerful elimination of the whole season. Congrats to Carly for breaking the guy-gal-guy-gal elimination.

Cut Jason, pronto.

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American Idol 7 – Top 6 [recap]

April 23, 2008

It’s Andrew Lloyd Webber week as the top 6 tackle Broadway songs. Oh uh. Red lights! red lights! At least for some of them anyway.

This week was full of drama and emotions – those with big voices shone brightly.

Syesha Mercado went, surprisingly first, again. Seriously, it’s sooo obvious that Idol producers want her to be booted. First to perform = death spot. It’s so unfair. Syesha sang “One Rock ‘n’ Roll Too Many“. She definitely rocked and rolled her performance. She looked glamorous. She was in her genre. She had mad vocals. She had the sexy moves. In one word, she was: AWESOME. I was blown away and was very happy that Syesha was finally outshining the others. Ricky Minor even joined in to dance. The judges were obviously impressed, especially Simon, who was turned on. Go Syesha! Her performance here.

The show peaking too soon is what I have to say, for Jason Castro took a tumble as he sang “Memory“. Honestly, Jason sounded like a fish out of the water this week. Broadway for Castro. That’s not good. Andrew Lloyd Webber and the judges sensed immediately that Jason had no clue to what he was singing. Paula bragged on how good (hint hint) he was and all I wanted to do was to shut her up. His performance here.

Next was Brooke White who looked absolutely stunning. She took on “You Must Love Me“. This was the low blow of the show – Brooke forgot her lyrics. She stopped, turned to the band and say “I’m sorry can we…” and she started her song once more. Oh my goodness. I fell so sorry for Brooke – poor girl! I’ll be devastated if I were her. After that she was holding back tears so that her voice was a little restrained to sing well. Nevertheless, I think Brooke grasped the concept of the song incredibly well – she was the only one showing sad emotions. Paula was frustrated at her for stopping in the middle of the song, while Simon and Randy showed some kindness and said they’d done the same if they were in Brooke’s shoes. Her performance here.

Things started to pick up as David Archuleta went next. He sang “Think Of Me” from Phanton Of The Opera. Pretty witty, consider that it’s a popular play. Webber advised David to open his eyes while singing. Hehe, now he have to overcome closing his eyes. I noticed that he stopped licking his lips, and he kept doing the hand-on-heart sign thing to show his acknowledgment to his fans, otherwise known as the “Arch Angels”. The judges liked it, I didn’t. I find it rather boring. But oh well, I’m not America am I now. Randy went on, again, about “If you can sing, you can sing anything”. I’d like to see him switch it up – from ballads to some uptempo songs. His performance here.

Pretty Carly Smithson went next, singing “Jesus Christ Superstar“. What a weird name for a song. Webber chose the song for her, and he hit the jackpot. Carly sang amazingly good. Ecstatic Carly went over to the band and took a blue shirt, which read “Simon Loves Me (This Week)”. Ummm okay. It’s like saying “Jesus Loves Me (This Week)”. Lol. I’d like to see her wear that. On the down side, the text is written is Comic Sans font, I DESPISE Comic Sans. Team Anti-Comic Sans! Her performance here.

As expected, David Cook went last. Can they be anymore obvious? Pimped pimped pimped pimped pimped! He’s always near last to perform. Oh well, I’m not complaining. This David sang another Phantom song, “Music Of The Night“. I guess he pretty much so nailed it, I loved how he ended the song. It definitely showed another side of David, he’s versatile, he’s popular, he can sing – who’s complaining? His performance here.


What’s up with the 2 Davids? Both singing songs from “Phantom”, both wearing similar outfits, both getting the same response from Randy. Hehe! They are absolutely positively safe with their massive fanbase. Refer: David A’s little girly underage fans who wanted to hug and crush him.

Hopefully Syesha’s stellar performance could safe her from appearing in the bottom 3. And if Idol is so desperate to get rid of her, fine, the show is rigged.

Brooke is definitely appearing in the bottom 3 for another week, and I can sense a whole lot of emotion and drama that is going to happen. Jason can’t escape with his mediocre performance either. Carly may be safe, may be in the bottom 3, but she’s not going home for sure.

My bottom 3 predictions: Jason, Brooke, Syesha/Carly.

My elimination prediction: Jason

I think Jason will get the boot – it’s a male’s turn to go. Besides I’m desperate to save Brooke.


What do you think? Leave comments!

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Google Special – Earth Day!

April 22, 2008

The largest search engine in the world, Google has changed their logo in conjunction with World Earth Day, which is on April 22nd.

YouTube wanted to join in the fun.

Yahoo! never cease to please with their animation:

The purpose of Earth Day is to gather awareness and appreciation for Mother Earth. Hopefully this can aware everyone around the globe about the seriousness of pollution and help to save the earth before its too late.

More on Earth Day here.

Happy Earth Day!


ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 10 CW Preview [watch]

April 20, 2008

The CW Preview for episode 10 of Cycle 10, entitled “VIVA ITALIA!”

They arrive in Rome. Anya fell hard head first while coming down the bus. Ouch! They did an Italian commercial, and showed Anya doing quite badly. Wow, the whole episode is Anya-fied. Hehe!

And, the Yahoo! Preview:

The girls got Tyra Mail! the traditional way, which featured Mona Lisa Mona Tyra. They walked to their new home. The house was huge and awesome with a pool right in the middle of the room.

Whitney looked like an old librarian with glasses and Katarzyna had too much make up on.

Also, on the IMEEM preview, it features a snippet of the show, about Lauren doing badly in her commercial, much like Caridee’s in Cycle 7. The video here.

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ANTM Cycle 10 Episode 9 – For Those About To Walk, We Salute You [watch]

April 20, 2008

Injustice written all over.

Firstly, the videos: (thanks dodash8!)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


Fatima does her little calculation and found out that they’re left with 7 girls, which obviously meant they’re going abroad soon. Fatima dug into her mind and realized that if she is going abroad, she needed a passport. Fatima’s dream shattered as she realized that she doesn’t have one. Oh uh.

Paulina Porizkova came over to teach the girls how to respond in an interview. Like Tyra, she gave them important ‘life lessons’. She then transformed into Mrs.DuBois. Katarzyna wanted to serve her. Dominique called her Paulina. Oops! The girls then guessed that they’re going to have an interview challenge soon. *smacks head* Duh.

Lauren, Whitney and Anya got bored and wanted to make some potato pancakes. Poor Lauren who never used a knife before cut through half of her thumb. Awww. You should ask Fatima to choke on it.

Tyra Mail! isn’t digital as it came with a box of… Lemons! Turned out they were going to a 7Up party. Designer Jay Godfrey handpicked gorgeous gowns for them to wear to the event.

The girls arrived on the “green carpet” and met a crowd of fake media press. A lady interviewed everyone, including Lauren who uttered (lol! get it? Lauren Utter? Okay…) a meanie word, and Dominique who said “Jay Georgio” made her dress. Smart. Then they entered the party and try to sell themselves. As a model I mean. We got to see Paulina’s husband, Cycle 8’s Jaslene, Cycle 2’s April and oh, Nigel, who seemed incredibly bored.

It was obviously a challenge and ever cheerful Anya obviously won and she obviously received a price, BUT, she wasn’t allowed to bring friends along. Anya won a photoshoot with 7up to promote their new drink, which is all natural. AND she got paid. Wow. Anya received $10,000. She can quit the competition altogether already.

Tyra Digital Mail arrived to tell the girls to pack up! Obviously they screamed and screamed and screamed and packed. Katarzyna and Anya shared a cute moment together in the confessional. Awwwww.

The next morning they arrived at the airport, all ready to fly. Alas… It was only a backdrop for the photoshoot. Oh. The photoshoot was of them rushing into a plane! How exciting. It’s going to be a group shit shot. Fatima told Mr Jay that she needed to rush to her appointment with the consulate to get her travel documents! How sad.

Fatima obviously missed the photoshoot. Awww. Not.

Mr Jay asked them to go into a hangar and what do they find….? 5 little judges all sitting in line!

Meanie Tyra asked where Fatima was, as if she didn’t already know. Fatima ran into the hangar right on time and apologizes. Meanie Tyra says whatever.

Meanie Tyra became Mysterious Tyra and told the girls they would flew to a secret location. Oooooooh. How exciting. The girls obviously screamed and screamed.

Katarzyna produced a great photo, but Nigel wanted more personality. Damn you Nigel. Lauren was credited for her photo, but criticized for her insecurity in front of the judges. Dominique was also complimented, Tyra compared her photo to Joanie’s crumping photo in Cycle 6. Damn you Tyra. Joanie >>>> DoManique Dominique.

Stacy Ann got heavy blows. Fake. Bad photo. Over the top. Big jaw. Just to name a few. Whitney was trying out for Miss America. Don’t they notice that there isn’t a photo of Whitney with her mouth shut? Anya-who-can-do-no-wrong was perfect.


  1. Anya
  2. Lauren
  3. Dominique
  4. Katarzyna
  5. Whitney

Bottom 2: Stacy Ann and Fatima.

Fatima was there by default. The judges felt her portfolio was much stronger than Stacy Ann’s. Stacy Ann was there for a fakeness and bad photo.

Eliminated: Stacy Ann missed the plane. They shared a cute moment together too. Awwww.



Kata getting the no personality edit really pisses me off. How can someone have no personality? Urgh. Well, Kata is one of the most popular contestant this cycle. Take that Tyra & Nigel.

Fatima shouldn’t have got the pass. She should have been sent home for not participating in the photo shoot. Injustice. Stacy Ann deserves to stay. U.N.F.A.I.R.

Anya really shone this week. Good for her.

How cute was Kata and Anya in the confessional? Awwww!


CoverGirl of the Week:

Lauren, surprisingly.


Next Episode:

The girls arrive in Rome! And they take on an Italian commercial. That spells doom.

Spoilers: (highlight at own risk)

Bye bye Lauren. Katarzyna is said to annoy the judges. Anya continues to shine. Fatima redeems herself.

What do you think? Leave comments!


American Idol 7 – Top 7 – Studio Recordings [download]

April 17, 2008

The Idols tackle Mariah Carey’s huge hits, and it was sure a week full of emotions.

- American Idol 7 – Top 7 Studio Recordings -

Mariah Carey Week

Track List:

  1. David Archuleta – “When You Believe”
  2. Carly Smithson – “Without You”
  3. Syesha Mercado – “Vanishing”
  4. Brooke White – “Hero”
  5. Kristy Lee Cook – “Forever”
  6. David Cook – “Always Be My Baby”
  7. Jason Castro – “I Don’t Wanna Cry”

Hands down, David Cook owns them all. His track is amazing. It’s sales are huge on iTunes, even beating “Billie Jean”.

I also love David Archuleta’s. It’s so much better than the live version. Carly’s isn’t much different than her rendition on stage, it’s okay, though you have to praise her for the vocals.

Brooke’s is nice and soothing. I like. Kristy switched hers to a country song again, but she pulled it off. Jason’s nice too, easy on the ears, although his constant low notes might not be as strong as the others.

Syesha’s track is my least favourite. I don’t know why she doesn’t appeal as much as she is live.

What do you think? Leave comments!


American Idol 7 – Top 7 Results – Goodbye Kristy Lee Cook [recap]

April 17, 2008

We knew it was coming, but must it be so soon? Just when I’m starting to love Kristy they cut her off. Cruel.

The bottom 3 were expectedly, made of ladies. Syesha, Brooke and Kristy found themselves in the losing group as Ryan divided them into groups of 2. Ryan paired Carly, Jason and Syesha in a group; Kristy, David Cook and Brooke in another. David Archuleta, the odd one out was obviously safe, and was asked to choose sides, ala Melinda Doolittle last year, and like her, David sat on the floor. Sheesh it’s obvious the group with David Cook is safe. Ryan then cruelly switched David Cook and Syesha, and thus rounding up the bottom 3 with Syesha, Brooke and Kristy.

The bottom 2 were Kristy and Brooke. I was horrified, I love both of them. But alas it was Kristy’s time to go. As Simon once said, there is no way she could win the competition, but getting to the top 7, kudos Kristy! I hope Randy fullfills his promises and sign Kristy right away.

On the good note, Mariah Carey performed “Bye Bye” in a amazingly suffocating dress. I liked her performance. Season 5’s aka best male vocalist on Idol ever, Elliott Yamin came back to sing “Free” onstage. He looked great and sounded great too! Even Simon was on his feet, ha! Go Elliott! Condolences to his mom.

And to the guy, GIVE KRISTY’S HORSE BACK! Go Kristy!

What do you think? Leave comments!

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