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The Amazing Race Asia 2: Episode 2 [recap & reviews]

November 30, 2007

This episode wasn’t very enjoyable as the editing was poor and the whole thing was kind of rushed. Anyway, the recaps.

The teams started their race with sisters Pam & Van leading the pack. They had to go to a bus station to catch a bus which leaves every 15 minutes to Pila.

The girls saw Marc‘s face featured on a map while taking a taxi to the bus station. XD

It was bad luck for the sisters as Marc & Rovilson came up the bus after a while, and both teams left together while flirting (? :) ) with each other.

Indonesians Brett & Kinar and dancing moms Ann & Diane boarded the next bus, they too persuaded the bus driver to head out earlier than schedule.

The third bus carried Sophie & Aurelia; Paula & Natasha and Collin & Adrian on the fourth bus. Paula & Natasha spent time on the bus by begging around for money, and was awarded with quite a lot of cash.

Daichi & Sawaka got on the fifth bus.

At Pila, teams must perform a road block, which requires them to guide a carabao around markers in a paddy (and muddy) field.

Pam and Marc plunged into the field immediately, but Pam got impatient by her bull and started to lose control. Marc did well with his, and finished quickly.


A frustrated Pam was guided by the farmers back to the starting point, and she had to restart.

Back in Manila, Henry & Terri and Edwin & Monica just began their races, and boarded the sixth bus to Pila. Terri lifted the mood by forcing the clearly unhappy passengers on board to sing the national anthem of Philippines, which lead to a monotonous drool.

Kinar & Brett arrived, and Kinar who chose to do the roadblock, misinterpreted the clue and wanted to ride the bull instead of leading it.

More teams arrived. Diane was dragged freestyle by her bull, but she survived.


Teams came and went. The next clue: head back to Manila and load four boxes from a Caltex station into a jeepney and deliver them to an orphanage.

Pam & Van got agitated as they thought the station was in Pila, not in Manila, so they wandered around aimlessly. Marc & Rovilson meanwhile, were already on the bus back to Manila. The sisters got into the second bus back with Brett & Kinar after they found out about their mistake. Lots of yelling going on.

Adrian jumped into the field to finish the job. He dropped his contact lenses and fumbled his way to complete the task. Said Adrian, “I was like a half blind mouse.”

The second bus surprisingly broke down in the middle of a highway, Pam & Van hopped into a taxi, while Brett & Kinar waited patiently for the topless bus driver to fix the bus.

Marc & Rovilson arrived at Caltex and began to load their boxes. They sent the boxes to the orphanage, and even had time to fool around with the kids. Pam & Van were second to finish the task, and were scared of the children for grabbing violently for the goodies in the boxes.


Detour! Heels or Bikes? (they don’t really rhyme, boo)

For heels, they had to match 250 pairs of shoes. For bikes, they had to fix a bicycle soundly.

Some teams did heels, some teams did bikes.

BFFs Paula & Natasha chose the shoes of course. Said Natasha,

Paula probably has more shoes than what we saw. It’s not a challenge because we’ve been there.”

The bike challenge was proven to be stressful as teams began to shout down each other’s throats. Marc & Rovilson finished first, even though they misplaced the front part of the bicycle.

Next was Ann and Diane, who sped away as fast as their yoga legs could carry them.

Some teams finished quickly and got cheers (or jeers?) from the watching audience.

Pit stop!

Go to Paco Park Cemetery! Where the legendary Jose Rizal is buried, apparently.

Marc & Rovilson were determined to be first in their home country. Ultimately they arrived first to a cheerful Allan Woooooo, and were awarded with USD5000!! Happy boys got cash.

Paula & Natasha squatted with strangers to arrive at the pit stop second.

Ann & Diane finished third once more.

Meanwhile, the last two, Terri & Henry and Edwin & Monica arrived at the detour. Terri & Henry agreed that Terri would shut her mouth while Henry directed the moves.

Edwin & Monica continued to bark at each other, or it was Edwin only, rather. Edwin threw a tantrum like a big baby on two standing feet. Said big baby,

“You’re not doing anything, unless I say so, ok? Now you just stand here, that’s all.”

How can she stand there while you’re ordering her around? I feel so sorry for Monica. Ditch him! And he continued to babble in some language, and only goodness knows how many curses he spitted out.

Daichi & Sawaka were informed by Allan Woooooo that they were the only team to stroll up to the pit stop casually, and they finished 8th, again.

The standings: (> UP ; < DOWN ; = SAME)

  1. Marc & Rovilson >
  2. Paula & Natasha >
  3. Ann & Diane =
  4. Pam & Van <
  5. Collin & Adrian >
  6. Brett & Kinar <
  7. Sophie & Aurelia <
  8. Daichi & Sawaka =

Again it was up to Terri & Henry and Edwin & Monica.

The latter stood no chance again bike expert Henry, who dashed off with his wife to get the good news from Allan Woooooo. (XD)

Edwin & Monica arrived last, and were (finally!) eliminated, and were given the pleasure of the walk of shame.

Pam & Van needs to step up their game next time, Marc & Rovilson will be hard to beat! And hope that Ann & Diane continue to be consistent!

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(Photos courtesy of AXN)


ANTM Cycle 9 Episode 12 Preview [watch]

November 30, 2007

Here is the preview for Episode 12 of ANTM Cycle 9!

The final four walks on the runway with fierce looks and pretty garments. Miss J is being carried by some people. The girls are happy to arrive at the Great Wall of China. Tyra is the photographer. (!!!) They pose as warriors on the Great Wall, which is said to be the toughest photoshoot to date. Chantal says, “our whole lives had led up to this.”

Sounds exciting! But it’ll be different now that Heather isn’t there.

On the Yahoo Preview, the girls are given 15,00RMB and an hour to shop in a mall in Beijing. They have to buy their accessories according to a story (The Story of the Four Beauties) that they were told to earlier, and it has to match their dresses.

Watch it HERE.

The second last episode! Who will be the final 3?

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ANTM Cycle 9 Episode 11 – The Girls Go On Go-See Adventures [watch]

November 30, 2007

The top 5. More surprises to come. Henceforth my recaps are going to be cruel and sarcastic. Muahaha. Blame Tyra.

Firstly, the videos: (huge thanks to 888772!)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5



Hello Shanghai! Week 2.

The show begins with Heather talking on her performance last week, which ultimately got her in the bottom 2. Jenah too was insecure because she was in the bottom 3, and she felt disturbed as she was the most consistent one. Chantal starts to babble that Lisa should not be eliminated as Heather was fed lines to, and she still stayed in the game. (Yeah right, many girls in past cycles also had the same treatment.)

A Tyra Mail arrives, saying in Chinese that they’re going to go-sees the next day. They met with Susan Yang and a PT model, Shan Jin Ya. They went on go-sees, and were expected to be back by 6.00pm.

Chantal was dissed by a designer for wearing hot pink underwear and not skin-toned ones. Saleisha was said to be ‘a nice girl, but dull’. (You got that right!) Heather, meanwhile, got lost finding her first designer. (Why doesn’t her taxi just park in front of the place?) Bianca’s go-see went well, the designer liked her personality. Jenah was praised for her looks, which assembled model Christy Turlington. Heather is still lost and walking around aimlesly. (Bless the poor girl)

So far the girls are doing steadily except Heather, who still has 0 go-sees. Finally she managed to find one, (at this point, “Hallelujah” started to play) and was told to work on her walk, but her looks are definitely great.

Chantal clashed with Saleisha, who beated her to the next designer. Saleisha praised the designer’s work over and over again, and Chantal commented, “she kisses ass”. (Uh-huh.) After Saleisha left, Chantal picked up Saleisha’s footsteps and began to kiss ass herself…

Saleisha then clashed with Bianca, who was done at the time. Bianca asked Saleisha where the next go-see was, and Saleisha, ever so innocent, (yeah right) told her she didn’t know where it was located. It was actually just on the top floor of the same building, (she’d already been to that client) and Bianca left the building and headed back to her taxi. Bianca realized she had been played, and fumed at Saleisha. Saleisha was all smiles and joys and kissed more asses.

Heather was lost at her second go-see, and when she decided to head back to the agency she couldn’t find her taxi.

Time was short and Saleisha made a smart move by going back to the agency an hour earlier, which she was thankful for, as the traffic was heavy and it took them 45 minutes each to get back. At about a quarter to six, Bianca ran like crazy into the agency, and they both made it on time. Jenah arrived outside the time limit, and later, Chantal. Heather got back 40 minutes late, therefore the three of them were disqualified.

At night, the top5 went out for dinner at a ‘hot spot’, and met Susan Yang once more, who told Bianca the clients said she was great but was nervous. Saleisha meanwhile had a great personality, but her photos all appeared with the same expression. Susan announced that the winner’s face will be featured on a billboard on a cruising boat. When the girls stood up they saw…


Surprise surprise! Bianca’s mad and angry face on a passing-by boat, (coincidently) glaring at them.

Next day! Photoshoot with Nigel, the world’s famous, noted photographer. The girls’ mission: to stand out among a crowd, which in this case were lion and dragon dancers in a temple.

During makeup time, Nigel got turned off by Jenah’s over sarcastic attitude while talking to her. Said Jenah, “Somehow I wasn’t intimidated at all by Nigel, but when I got in front of the camera, I realized, oh.” Jenah didn’t impressed Nigel and Jay, and she freaked out by it for not getting much positive feedback.

Nigel, however got turned on by Saleisha’s presence, and even kissed her hand noisily, (!!!) much to the pleasure of Saleisha, who then did well in her photoshoot. Bianca’s problem was that she couldn’t smile and she was expression-less. Chantal was criticized for her over-posing and looked too show girl. Heather was okay and did great.


During Heather’s shoot, Jenah starts to mumble loudly about how she could do well if she wore Heather’s dress, which irritated Nigel much, and scolded her, something along the lines of, “Enough mumbling in the peanut shop!” (Which, I suppose, is the “fatal mistake” narrated by Tyra in the preview video)

In judging, Tyra revealed that the top 4 will go to Beijing.

Chantal was pointed out to wear skin-toned underwear in the future, and her shoot rocked.

Bianca wasn’t fluid enough with her movements in the photoshoot, and her face looked sleepy in the photo. Nevertheless, nice body language.

The designers love Jenah’s portfolio, but needed to work on her personality. Her photo was good, but Nigel went on about her sarcasm and her sense of humour.

Heather had a great photo, but was stiff during the phot sessions. The judges were disappointed that she only went to one go-see.

Roll call. Saleisha was first given the passport to Beijing. Then challenge winner Bianca. Then Chantal.

Heather and Jenah got the bottom 2. Expression-less Tyra said that both of them flawed in communication, but their photos in the competition were strongest and better than the other 3 girls.

heather and jenah

Heather got the axe. Jenah mourned for Heather. Tyra gave Heather constructive criticism.

“You have to be so proud of yourself. Those clients you saw don’t know Heather. But people who have gotten to know and watch you on ANTM and being a part of your journey, maybe there are some clients out there that saw a little bit more than what those other clients saw today.”

Heather said before she went, “The experience is much more than the prize.”


This is definitely one of the saddest and hardest-to-bear elimination in ANTM ever.

WTF to the judges for letting Heather go! She and Jenah are evidently the best 2 models in terms of photographs there. Tyra just loves cheery girls. Urgh. Saleisha has Tyra and Nigel solid behind her back. But someone had to go, ah well. They all did fairly well.

Call Nigel a world-renown fashion photographer. In the photos, we can’t even see the girls’ faces clearly! Let alone their expressions. I like that the dragons and lions looked like gobbling up Bianca, Saleisha and Chantal in their photos while they left Jenah and Heather alone.

Jenah better avenge Heather! Go Jenah!

I’d rather have Jenah’s sarcasm rather than Saleisha’s overflowing-cutesyness with 10 spoons of sugar.

I’m proud of Heather. She’s gone so far. I hope she’s one of those models who didn’t won ANTM but still were and are, very succesful, eg. Elyse (C1).

Goodbye Heather. *sobs* All the luck to you!

Covergirl of the Week:

heather kuzmich

The girl who most definitely deserves it, Heather. Heather has bagged 8 CGOTWs, the second most in ANTM history after Naima (C4), who got 10. Wonder who’ll get next week’s now that Heather’s gone.

Future episode:

The girls have a photoshoot on the Great Wall wearing warrior costumes with Tyra! (What?! First Nigel, now Tyra? Who’s next, Miss J?) They also have a fashion show or something, cause they’re walking on the runway.

(scroll up to view this)

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High School Musical 3: The Prom?

November 30, 2007

According to, it is confirmed that there will be a HSM3. And the theme? A prom apparently.

Vanessa Hudgens aka Gabriella said,

“It’s their senior year, so there’s going to be graduation – and prom!”


All the original cast will return, but this may be the end of HSM.

The director, Kenny Ortega on the matter:

“I have a feeling this will be the end [for the current stars]. This franchise may move to another generation!”

Uh-oh. No more HSM frenzy!

I wonder what happened to the idea of the Halloween house for HSM3?

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(Pic courtesy of USmagazine)


November 29, 2007

AI6 runner up Blake Lewis’ new official website is out!


It features news, pics, videos, and even a blog! Some new pics of Blake are already up!

Remember to get your copy of his debut CD, Audio Day Dream on December 4th, 2007!

Blake Lewis Official:


Katie Leung Is An Artist!

November 29, 2007

Who knew Katie Leung, aka Cho Chang from the Harry Potter movies, could draw? Recently her art has been auctioned off for the Prince’s Trust charity.

Katie says that it means:

The meaning behind my drawing shows the two birds encouraging andkatie leung bird art supporting each other even though life may seem hard, boring or monotonous; hence the plain background. But as long as we help each other out and become motivated and hopeful, despite the negativity surrounding us, we will find happiness within ourselves – and this is conveyed through the birds’ vibrant colours.”

Thats really sweet and meaningful. Wonder how much it’ll sell?

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ANTM Fade Out Song [download]

November 28, 2007

Here is the highly sought after song from ANTM! It’s the song when a girl gets eliminated and they fade out from the picture of all the girls. Actually, this is the full version of the song, and is played when the winner is announced. It’s similar anyways.

antm fade out song

Download: HERE

 Enjoy! Please leave comments! :)



ANTM Cycle 9 Episode 11 Preview [watch]

November 27, 2007

Here is the preview for Episode 11 of ANTM Cycle 9!

The final 5 conquers Shanghai and go on go sees! Bianca is criticized for her bad runway walk. A photoshoot in a temple with lion dancers with Nigel Barker. Nigel kissing (!!) Saleisha’s hands. Someone made a fatal mistake! Chantal, Jenah and Bianca watches. Who will survive?

I’ll keep my digits crossed and hoping it’s not Heather.

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Enchanted [review]

November 27, 2007

Disney has launched another fairytale story, this time, with a modern twist.

enchanted poster

It starts in animation mode, where a girl named Giselle (Amy Adams) is going to get married to Prince Edward (James Marsden). Naturally, the evil witch, Narissa (Edward’s stepmother, it’s always steps ;) ) wanted to prevent this because Giselle will take her place as Queen in the land of Andalasia.

Evil witch tricks Giselle and sent her hurling into a waterfall, and emerged from a sewer in the middle of New York. Giselle is confused to this new environment and was lost until she was founded by Robert (Patrick Demsey) and his daughter.


They took her in and soon Giselle got used to the new world. Edward found out and followed her into the human world as well to save her, so did Pip, Giselle’s chipmunk friend. (who could talk in the cartoon realm). Narissa sent her right hand man (Timothy Spall) to persuade Giselle to eat a poison apple and kill her before Edward got to her. (He has a crush on Narissa, so would do her bidding at once)

After a series of unfortunate and hilarious events, Narissa got fustrated that Giselle wasn’t dead yet and that Edward had found her. So, she took matter into her own hands and crossed over to New York as well to wreck the ball.


Narissa dressed up as an evil elderly woman and tricked Giselle into eating an apple. Giselle fell into a deep sleep, and the curse can only be reversed by her lover’s kiss (duh) before the strike of twelve. Edward failed to wake her up, it was Robert who held her in her arms when she awoke.

Narissa was angered and turned into a dragon. She captured Robert and climbed up onto a skyscraper, wanting to kill him, turning him into the ‘damsel’ in distress. Giselle and Pip struggled to save him, and it was a nibble on the dragon’s ear by Pip that sent Narcissa falling into the grounds below. (can’t she fly?!)

Day was saved. Giselle and Robert eventually married in the end and Giselle started her own business, making clothes for children, helped by animals.

As for Edward, he escaped to Andalasia with Robert’s future wife, and they too got married and lived happily ever after.

I like this movie. It’s so heartwarming and stupid and hilarious at the same time. It’s Snow White (the ability to call animals and poison apples) + Cinderella (steps and doing housework) + Sleeping Beauty (dragon and long slumber) + a little essense of King Kong (climbing onto a tall tower). XD

The most disgusting part in the movie has to be when cockroaches were licking and cleaning the bathtub at Giselle’s will. That was disturbing.

It was fun to watch McDreamy (Patrick Demsey) doing something else than his usual Grey Anatomy stuff. And James Marsden as well, he was great on Hairspray, and playing the dopy prince here. I was shocked to see Timothy Spall, he’s always Peter Pettigrew from Harry Potter in my mind. Amy Adams has a wonderful voice. Pity Patrick Demsey didn’t sing. :D

A great movie for the holidays. And they lived happily ever after. :)

The end.

Rating: * * * * / 5


Rewind: America’s Next Top Model Cycle 2

November 26, 2007

After I finished ANTM Cycle 1, I went on to watch Cycle 2 on the ever so resourceful YouTube. (thanks to tausili!)


It was interesting to re-watch this cycle, cause I’ve forgotten about most of the episodes, although some are more memorable. As for the girls, some are still etched into my mind, namely April, Yoanna, Mercedes and Shandi.

For this cycle, the winner will get (reciting Tyra’s line) a contract with IMG models, one of the top model agencies in the world, a spread in Jane magazine, and a cosmetics campaign with Sephora. Doesn’t Tyra get tired from saying the same line for 13 episodes? And the prize back then was so little. Judges are Tyra, Nigel Barker, Janice and Eric Nicholson, editor of Jane mag.

First eliminated was mom, Anna, 22, the first mother ever in the competition. I liked Anna, although she could’ve participated in the nude photoshoot and avoid elimination. I liked her loyalty towards her husband as well.

anna antm2

Then was Bethany, Miss I-Have-Bigger-Boobs-and-Curves. She kept rising her body as an issue, and even Tyra got annoyed. Second gone.

bethany antm2

Third to get the boot, Heather. Glad she went. Didn’t quite liked her anyways. She has a combination of Amanda Bynes + Mandy Moore. And like judge Eric Nicholson said, “Nickelodeon”!

heather antm2

Next was Jenascia. She was booted for being too short. A factor that Janice hates so. Another stupid reason to kick off a girl. Why bring her in in the first place just to say she’s too short? Jenascia is okay. She smokes though.

jenascia antm2

Xiomara was fifth to go. I liked Xiomara a lot. She has a strong personality. But her runway walk was freaky. Glad that she is signed now.

xiomara antm2

After that was so imature Catie. She cries and cries and cries for every petty little thing. Urgh. Call her a whore and she cries. XD Cut off her hair and she cries. Ironic cause she’s the one who said, “Chop off my hair! I don’t care!”

catie antm2

Sara went next. Booted for being too commercial and too much sex appeal. Uhh.. yeah. I liked Sara, she’s so down to earth and wants this bad. Her elimiation was the most emotional. Even Tyra cried. But, now she’s modelling for man’s magazines.

sara antm2

Camille with puffed-up lips was fifth in the race. Crowned “Cruella De Vi” by Yoanna. :P The girl with the biggest ego and let her confidence hide her emotions. Biggest enemy: Yoanna.

camille antm2

Pretty April finished fourth. I was a surprise she went so early. April has the best portfolio overall, has a strong desire. April’s my favourite. Her best line in the competition, “Ting! Hold on a second Shandi, you have a boyfriend!” XD That was hilarious!

april antm2

Geek-turned-beauty Shandi was third. Famously cheated her boyfriend in front of international TV. “You had sex??” asked her boyfriend”. “Yes…” Shandi whispered back. Boyfriend wails. Lots of potential this girl.

shandi antm2

Mercedes was runner up. She deserves the award for “Best Personality”. She’s so bubbly and approachable! Her runway walk is the best among all the girls. She should win over Yoanna, in my opinion.

mercedes antm2

Winner of Cycle 2, Yoanna House! The shortest contestant with a face that is amazingly proportional and symmetical. Famous for hating Camille, making up to her, then hated her all over again. Where is she now?

yoanna house antm2

My standings of the top 5 will be:

  1. Mercedes

  2. April

  3. Shandi

  4. Yoanna

  5. Sara

The best photoshoot has to the black/white beauty shot. Best photo overall, a tie between April’s underwater shot, Yoanna’s moonrocket shot and Shandi’s hanging in the air shot.

Tyra even made her debut single, “Shake Ya Body” and shot the music video with the top 6 girls. Unfortunately, she abandoned her singing carrier to reasons unknown. The song and music video here.

Overall this was a great cycle, I liked the drama in the house, and the storyline isn’t boring either. Bring on Cycle 3!


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